How can Axiz help you?

Providing access to the world’s Information Technology products from leading global brands.
Axiz provides you with access to over 50 of the world’s leading technology brands to deliver holistic solutions tailored to your needs. Our solutions team and skilled sales force are capable of aggregating Edge, Core, Cloud and Software effectively, in line with your requirements.

A fully integrated Ecosystem.
AxizCloud is a service aggregation platform capable of provisioning, managing and billing sourced from multiple vendors. It also enables Axiz resellers to market and sell their services via customised portals to end users from our technology ecosystem

Distribution as a Service
Axiz boasts an impressive portfolio of capabilities spanning products and solutions from all its vendors. Services range from professional services and POC’s to logistics and sales support.

Powering the Internet of Things.
IoT refers to the connection of devices to the Internet and is a new and exciting opportunity for us as we work with our vendors to uncover solutions to our channel.

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