Having the right hyperscale partner is crucial to success

A wave of big data from a slew of ubiquitously networked devices, sensors and the Internet of things, is flooding organisations across the board, and putting pressure on data centres to deliver and perform at their peak. Moreover, the need for instant, ‘from anywhere’ resources from the business perspective, has led to the development [...]

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IT as a service at the core of digital transformation

Digital technologies are transforming our personal and business lives. Organizations, both private and public sector, want to improve the experience for their users, and at the same time, streamline operations, increase revenues and manage risks. “There’s no doubt that IT services are at the heart of digital transformation,” says Faith Ditlhong, Business Development Manager [...]

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Bringing true agility to the data centre

Digital transformation is driving rapid and significant changes across every industry, and businesses are having to change their operating models accordingly. However, it’s not just the business that needs to change to support this transformation, IT has to transform as well. “The very way business is being done is changing too,” says Jarred Somiah, [...]

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Axiz CTO picks trends, technologies the channel can bet on

The role of a CTO within the ICT distribution sector differs greatly from one within the industrial or financial sectors. Instead of looking for new technologies that can benefit the organization itself, it involves identifying new technologies and discovering how they can be shaped through a distribution channel and enabled resellers to consume. So [...]

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Building a zero trust environment

People are the new perimeter and identity is at the very core of maintaining a secure, trusted environment. New technologies and trends, including the mobile workforce, BYOD, IoT, digital transformation, and the consumerisation of IT, are shifting identity and access management to the very core of digital organisations – the IT environment is becoming [...]

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Cloud databases offer significant benefits

Managing the workloads and application data for vast networks of office-bound and mobile users, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) and other connected devices, can be a major availability and scalability headache for database administrators. So says Bridgette Kemp, business unit manager at Axiz. “Unfortunately, the majority of databases need regular updates [...]

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Your database in the cloud – weighing up the move

It’s difficult to find an executive in any company that does not have a strategy based on their data somewhere on their list of priorities. Data management touches several important areas including security, customer engagement, innovation, new business models and digital transformation. At the bottom of the stack is the venerable workhorse serving up [...]

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Managing complexity in an increasingly digital world

Everyone has an understanding, to different degrees, of what digital transformation is and the opportunities presented by the digital economy. Micro Focus Universe 2019 Attend Experience Micro Focus Universe 2019, on 29 August, at the Inanda Club in Sandton. The theme is “Powering Digital Transformation”. The multi-streamed event is complimentary to all Micro Focus [...]

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Evoke Delivers Enhanced Support to Ensure the Successful Deployment of Apps

More and more companies are understanding the value that the right app can bring to their business whether by use internally or by their partners or customers. An increasing number are also seeing that a low-code app development environment could provide them with the best opportunity to create and deploy their desired app. But [...]

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Managing complexity in wireless environments

In the decades since its infancy, wireless networking has undergone tremendous shifts, opening an avenue for enterprise wireless Internet consumption. The advances in speed, coupled with the sheer convenience of Wi-Fi for consumers who can work remotely, from any device, and wherever there is a connection, has caused adoption to snowball. However, as an [...]

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