Users today demand around-the-clock access to information, as well as seamless digital experiences. With this in mind, Cisco HyperFlex is fundamentally altering the way organisations operate their infrastructure, uniting network, storage, and compute into one, single system.

Although Cisco HyperFlex has massive platform availability, corporates are placing modern infrastructure into legacy environments, with obsolete data protection. The clear majority of businesses realise that they have an availability gap, and nearly three quarters of them recognise that they have a protection gap too.

The bottom line, is that these traditional data protection solutions were not built for today’s software-defined, virtualised world and can result in data loss and downtime if not upgraded.

And data loss in turn leads to loss of customer confidence, damage to an organisation’s reputation, and even heavy fines and other compliance issues. This is why upgrading data protection when implementing Cisco HyperFlex is critical to the success of any IT organisation.

And the environment grows increasingly complex, because downtime leads to a loss of confidence not only in the data protection solution and software, but in the whole system. Moreover, according to an annual survey, downtime costs an enterprise $21.8 million on average annually, which is an increase of 36% from the previous year.

In addition, the 2017 Veeam Availability report reveals that 82% of CIOs believe that there is a gap between what they can deliver and what is expected. In fact, one out of two businesses will either increase, or totally replace current data protection solutions to avoid data loss and downtime.

Traditional data protection solutions also have several shortcomings. They are built for the physical world, not today’s modern virtualised data centres, which leads to data loss and downtime, and they are costly to manage and maintain.

However, with Veeam Availability Suite, Cisco HyperFlex, and Cisco UCS, admin costs can be lowered by 43%, recovery time improved by 58%, and reliability enhanced by 54%. Moreover, backup software costs are reduced by 36%, and backup performance accelerated by 49%.

Other benefits include increased scalability, lower RPOs with snapshot integration, total cost of ownership is 50% less than other solutions, and new services can be provisioned up to 12 times faster than prior legacy solutions.

Download the report here: Data Availability with Cisco Hyperflex Systems.