Axiz is launching its Advanced Services offering. Building on accumulated technical expertise over its technology portfolio, Advanced Services provides network and security monitoring, management and remedial services via a dedicated Network and Security Operations Centre (N-SOC) beginning on 1 May 2020.

“We have, over many years, built up a strong implementation capability and this takes it to the next level,” explains Axiz CTO Jacques Malherbe. “Taking advantage of our pool of certified experts and our strong vendor relationships, we are building out a portfolio of managed services around our network and security offerings. This will enable small and medium businesses to take advantage of enterprise-level network and security management services on a month-by-month or consumption basis.”

He explains that while large companies have access to managed services offered by large service providers, these have remained out of reach of local small and medium enterprises. “For companies serviced by smaller system integrators, there are a number of services that are critical in the modern world, but which are difficult to access. This has left them reliant on their internal IT teams and technology partners to ensure that they remain secure and compliant.”

Advanced Services is launching with four services, which will be expanded over time.

These services are:

  • Risk and compliance management

This includes an initial, high-level risk assessment – which is offered at no cost – and a full assessment service profiling the risks linked to an organisation’s technology estate. This covers issues including the potential for data loss, systems with malware, traffic analysis on the network and mission-critical data on non-compliant systems.

  • Asset management

Asset management provides companies with a detailed view of everything connected to their network and the status of those devices. The service monitors this and alerts systems administrators if anything is no longer compliant with a set of predefined policies. These could include out-of-date operating systems, devices with unpatched exploits or computers not protected by anti-virus software.

  • Monitoring and logging

With monitoring and logging, companies have access to real-time intelligence about the performance of their network. They are notified of faulty hardware, overall network performance as well as issues that are impacting specific applications. Along with notifications to the IT team, the service also provides reports for senior management on a monthly basis.

  • Cyber security management

Supporting all of the existing products provided by Axiz, companies can better protect themselves against attacks by ensuring their security systems are properly configured. With advance warning of malware attacks, they can act to limit potential breaches while receiving post-incident analysis reports.

“With technology skills at a premium, Advanced Services gives our clients access to certified expertise that would be out of reach for many,” comments Malherbe. “For our partners, this allows them to increase the value they provide to their customers, building on suites of implementation services.”

“For small and medium companies operating in uncertain times, Advanced Services allow them to focus on their business secure in the knowledge that their technology investments are working for them.

“These technical services will be supported by a full feature service desk, which, paired with Axiz’s digital platform, offers our partners unrivalled business practice building capability,” he concludes.