Axiz set to boost partner ecosystem to support growing pan-African demand.

Large enterprises across Africa are depending on Red Hat to support their digital transformation, and this wave is now spreading to mid-size and smaller enterprises, paving the way for a larger partner ecosystem to support them.

This is according to Kabelo Motaung, Red Hat Product Manager at distributor Axiz, who says Red Hat has come a long way in the past 25 years. “Red Hat is now being trusted to help run operations and drive innovation in some of the biggest banks and telcos in Africa.

Organisations have overcome any misconceptions that as an open source software, it was not to be trusted. Because it is secure, enterprise-ready and supported by a community of millions of developers, Red Hat has become key to digital transformation and agile organisations.”

Motaung notes that digital transformation is a continuous process, rather than a project, and it requires an ongoing change to people, processes and technologies. Red Hat notes that the technologies that spur digital transformation are all open source – including Hadoop, Linux, Kubernetes, Moby and OpenStack.

Red Hat says: “If digital transformation is evolution spurred by technology, and the leading technologies spurring digital transformation are open source, then digital transformation is inherently open source.”

Motaung says one factor making Red Hat indispensable in digital transformation is that it integrates with existing systems, meaning organisations do not have to rip and replace infrastructure to drive change – instead, they can build on to existing infrastructure. “Red Hat is not vendor locked and can work with different vendors in the environment, so organisations don’t need a total overhaul to make progress,” he says.

As businesses across Africa move to support their digital transformation using Red Hat, Axiz is building out a broader network of partners to support customers. Red Hat software is available on a subscription model, with support directly from Red Hat. Motaung notes that because a broad range of Red Hat enterprise solutions is available, reseller partners tend to specialise in particular niche areas. “Axiz can assist interested resellers in identifying the Red Hat area best suited to their capabilities, and Red Hat has training and certification available to upskill our reseller partners,” he says.

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