In business, the as a service model for procuring almost anything, from software through to plant and equipment, is ubiquitous.

In IT distribution, services are a critical component of the future of the business. As more and more organisations move their IT infrastructure to the cloud, the role of the solution provider is evolving to focus on supporting their customers in their move to new models of procuring and managing their IT environments.

Patrick Reeves, Managing Executive for Axiz Field Services, comments that in this move to a services-based offering, it’s critical to deliver what good “old-fashioned” service is.

Understand what service means

“What we’re seeing is that there is a disconnect between something that is offered as a service and the concept of service itself,” he says. “In the as a service world, when you buy a subscription to a CRM or video conferencing solution, the expectation is that these services will be available 24/7. However, the unspoken reality is that should the service go down, there is limited access to support services. This is in contrast to the classical understanding of service where the expectation is that any problem will be immediately and personally addressed.”

He comments that in the hyperconnected world, there isn’t a distinction that the one concept of service is right and the other wrong and that there is a necessity for each to fulfil a specific business need.

“The as a service model is critical for the future of businesses who are looking for leverage to ensure they can access the latest technologies at a predictable cost,” he says. “Failure to embrace a subscription model means that you may be at a disadvantage when new features and services become available.”

“However, the reality on the ground is that an organisation like Axiz Field Services, which can effectively deliver technical services, is becoming both rare and remains vitally important because the XaaS world does not reduce complexity.”

Getting things done in the real world

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, the necessity for businesses to operate in dispersed locations was accentuated, while the ability to exist support organisations to deliver was constrained because they were designed to provide support at a specific physical location. Be it getting a laptop to a new hire, installing a server in a remote location or supporting an executive with their video conferencing system, being able to deliver a specific service, at any location, whatever the requirement, quickly became an extremely valuable resource.

“The situation around COVID-19 illuminated the necessity for organisations with a true service ethos and the infrastructure to execute to be recognised. This isn’t something new,” says Reeves. “Especially in Africa, the ability to deliver service anywhere, anytime, is the value we provide.

“With a network of people across the country and the continent, we’re able to assist our partners in meeting their clients’ needs, whatever they are,” he says. “The world is becoming more digital and the need for a trusted partner who can deliver a physical technical service is becoming increasingly valued.

The knowledge that the solution to what might seem an intractable problem is just a phone call away is often the difference between a crisis and a satisfied customer.”

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