Leading distributor Axiz has announced the availability of the new Rocket Terminal Emulator in South Africa, to bring new innovation and cost savings to users of mission-critical systems.

Host-based systems are the backbone of the global economy, powering every major industry from banking and healthcare, through to government. For always available access, terminal emulation is necessary, but can be expensive at a time when IT departments are expected to reduce operating costs.

Rocket Software, international experts in IBM Z, IBM Power, and database and connectivity solutions for over 30 years, this year launched the new Rocket Terminal Emulator for businesses that rely on IBM Z, IBM i, and other VT-based systems to power their operations and IT infrastructure.

The move has been described as a critical update to an often-overlooked technology space, overcoming the challenges of rudimentary emulators with limited configurability and cumbersome interfaces.

As the experts in helping customers maximise their investment in their legacy platforms, Rocket Software has launched the new Rocket Terminal Emulator to help organisations bolster their legacy infrastructure, and easily support user experience modernisation and Web services enablement.

Through the new Rocket Terminal Emulator, Rocket Software is positioning itself to become a trusted partner, with a solution that reduces total cost of ownership, makes migration simple, satisfies administrative and security requirements and allows organisations to access host systems anywhere, any time and on any device.

Rezelde Botha, Rocket Business Unit manager at Axiz, says the Rocket Terminal Emulator addresses the needs of local enterprises that are currently grappling with enabling a remote workforce and modernising services to address customer demands, while at the same time controlling infrastructure costs.

“Part of the beauty of the solution is that it offers a lower total cost of ownership, flexible licensing with no hidden fees, assistance migrating custom macros and scripts from your current emulator, a robust admin experience, including a solid security strategy, no dependency on Java, and auditing capabilities,” Botha says.

You can read more information about the Axiz and Rocket partnership here.