Axiz Cloud & Services

Axiz Cloud & Services houses not only our Digital and Field services but also our cloud and software technologies.

Digital Services

Our dedicated team of digital architects’ fundamental objective is to digitally transform vital business services for vendors, employees, you, and your clients – making every external touchpoint across the business a digitally optimized and curated user experience.

Digital Services achieves this by optimizing our self-designed and developed digital platform. The design principle utilized in all digital transformation projects is to reduce complexity to enable the rapid development and value scalability of our technologies and services. The cross-disciplinary teams follow best practices and new techniques to enable digital transformation.

Digital Services enables partners and their clients the ability to transact in a unique marketplace* across various products, services, vendors, geolocations and levels of complexity. Over and above the transaction, Axiz Digital Services allows vendors and partners to leverage existing endpoint integrations into their systems, building an end-to-end solution. Vendors and partners can create unique offerings for their customers that complement and/or mirror products and services on the marketplace whilst configuring their own pricing rules for bespoke offerings and solutions.

Appy today and unlock the world of opportunity Axiz Digital Services can offer.