The Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD) in collaboration with Axiz (Pty) Ltd held an event last week at the Ravenala Attitude Hotel, Balaclava. An event centred around “Building an ESG-centric ecosystem using technology” and how we can enable Mauritian companies to trade and be ‘Africa Ready’ using technology.

The event was launched by the Hon. Mahen Seeruttun, Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance and big industry leaders got to share their thoughts and knowledge about Technology and ESG regrouping brands such as Dell Technologies, VMware, Lenovo
and Oracle.

“Craig Brunsden, Chief Executive Officer at Axiz Group outlined that by enabling real-time reporting and monitoring compliance issues, digital technologies can help improve governance’s transparency and accountability”.

Watch the clip to hear the thoughts of Axiz’s Group CEO, Craig Brunsden, and other contributors on the prospects of ESG and technology.

Axiz cares deeply, just like you do, about ensuring that our corporate governance is informed by the very best ESG practices.

The Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD), in collaboration with Axiz, hosted a thought-leadership event, “Building an ESG-centric ecosystem using technology”, with senior executives from the industry and government.

The event was themed around two critical topics. A broad perspective on how we do business in Africa and how innovation and digitalisation can facilitate the environment, social and governance pillars while building resilience.

Axiz hosted engaging discussions to identify fresh strategies for transforming the development paradigm into a more virtuous system that benefits our communities. We continue to lead with ESG principles in mind thanks to sponsorships from technology behemoths, Dell TechnologiesLenovoOracle, and VMware.