Axiz is extending an opportunity for small and medium-sized partners to roll-out comprehensive network and security management services, and large partners to augment their portfolios, with the new Axiz Technology Services Partner Program.

The Axiz Technology Services Program enables technology services partners to benefit from Axiz’s partnership with enterprise-class vendors to provide network and security monitoring, management and remedial services via a dedicated network and security operations sentre (N-SOC).

Garth Stidworthy, Technical Business Development Manager at Axiz, says: “Axiz Technology Services is enabling partners of all sizes to expand their service portfolios and increase their revenue streams using our no-risk, try and buy model.

“Cloud adoption is in high demand, and everyone is adopting IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. With this, customers want to ensure that they are more redundant, resilient and scalable. However, many of them, especially SMEs, do not have all the dedicated resources they need for all the different technologies, cloud management and optimisation, and virtualisation. It is becoming challenging for end-users and the channel to manage all these different platforms.

“Through our partner programme, we want to address these challenges with one platform and a single pane of glass, which can be an overlay to augment services across multiple platforms, and delivers insights and analytics that make sense, customisable for what information the customer wants,” he says.

Stidworthy notes there is growing demand in the market for support in achieving better reporting, improved management of the environment and compliance with legislation such as POPIA and GDPR. “Through our programme, partners can offer complete assessments of security, vulnerability, cloud infrastructure, IT operations, compliance, backup and disaster recovery and they can deliver monitoring and reporting across the environment on a single pane of glass,” he says.

With Surveil and Surveil SLIM to optimise, secure and control Microsoft Azure and Office 365 solutions, partners can secure, control and optimise performance and cost management.

Says Stidworthy: “We see the programme as a true IT partnership offering a comprehensive solution to manage devices, networks, users, desktops, security and data for improved security and performance. It delivers a support plan tailored to customer needs, a structured response and maintenance agreement and a strategic approach to IT management, built on a solid tactical execution.”

Axiz supports partners throughout the journey, from discovery and engage phases through to integration and enablement. Stidworthy says there is also a focus on knowledge transfer and certification if necessary: “We have strategic partners in each division, from back-end systems to front-end systems, and we aim to support and enable partners to independently take these services to market.”

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