All elements of the IT environment, be it applications, virtual instances, clouds and network, have to have security at the core.

As part of ensuring that their partners can offer customers the highest level of protection in a hybrid IT world, Axiz is now offering VMware’s Carbon Black platform.

Carbon Black is VMware’s cloud-native endpoint protection platform, which includes container security and allows organisations to build a fully integrated security solution. This has been extended to include agentless capabilities, tightly integrated with VMware vSphere – making it a comprehensive security offering.

“VMware drives a consistent security posture for all apps, data and workloads by building security controls intrinsically into the infrastructure,” comments Seshni Gafoor, Senior Business Development Manager – Virtualisation at Axiz. “This has seen them add 20 000 customers and making security a $1 billion business for them.

“Our partners are looking to help their clients, large and small, modernise their endpoint protection and simplify their security stack,” she says. “Customers generally have multiple end-point security products in their environment, and this has an impact in terms of both cost and complexity. They also need to manage multiple suppliers and licences. Carbon Black endpoint protection consolidates multiple endpoint security capabilities and operates faster and more effectively with a single cloud-native platform, giving our partners a complete insight into their customers’ environment with a reduced spend.

“It is important to remember that the key differentiator is that as the cyber security world advances, organisations are starting to embrace cloud-native endpoint protection platforms, she says. “This allows them to consolidate security and provides them with everything needed to secure their endpoints, using a single lightweight agent for endpoint protection.”

She adds that in addition to reducing the cost and complexity inherent in securing the IT environment, the rapid move to remote working has seen an accelerated shift of applications to the cloud. “This has resulted in cyber criminals increasingly targeting the cloud, and while cloud providers ensure the security of their environments, businesses still need to maintain endpoint security.

“The continued evolution of threats means that companies have had to increase their security investment and the cost of breaches in both financial and reputational terms is also increasing,” she says. “Every year vendors are asking organisations for more money from their security budgets and every year there’s an increasing number and cost of breaches. Organisations are looking for a security solution that meets the requirement for comprehensive protection while aligning with constrained budgets.

“For security teams, the need for proactive [security] is driving the move towards solutions like Carbon Black that enable companies to build a better model for security,” she says. “This is part of ensuring that all security is intrinsic to all technology decisions.”