Overcoming WiFi challenges to simplify remote workforce support

The last thing a remote worker wants to worry about is a poor network connection of how to configure a VPN, yet network issues remain a challenge for today’s remote workforce. Network troubleshooting also accounts for a significant headache for IT managers, on top of their usual task of keeping the lights on. In a typical [...]

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HPE GreenLake is “The cloud that comes to you”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) launched GreenLake with the tag line, “the cloud that comes to you”, and for SMBs that message could not be clearer. HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience including, self-service, pay-per-use, scale up and scale down, and managed for you, to applications and data everywhere.  HPE GreenLake enables customers to free up [...]

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In a world of digital transformation, data becomes the new currency

Three hundred years ago, Adam Smith released The Wealth of Nations, a book that helped create the modern world by redefining what wealth means. Before his views became public, economies essentially ran on a mercantile system. In the same vein as Scrooge McDuck, the size of your fortune was the measure of your wealth. Smith [...]

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Axiz readies for new surge of IBM interest in SA

Demand for IBM's revolutionary old and new solutions surges. Global interest is being revitalised in IBM on the back of a fresh wave of game-changers from the 110-year-old innovation giant. This is according to Craig Botha, Business Development Manager: Advanced Technologies: IBM at Axiz, who says IBM releases revolutionary new solutions so regularly that it [...]

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Living on the edge: Harnessing the power of intelligent endpoints

As organisations adapt to the new world of business and work, technology will help unlock workforce productivity. Due to the pandemic, most people and businesses have (in more ways than one) been living on the edge. Intelligent edge computing is rapidly growing, providing an opportunity for businesses to improve their agility by integrating edge data [...]

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Axiz and Dell dominate workstation tech for work redefined

Solution variety, reliability and service. That is the essence of why Dell Technologies remains at the top of its game when it comes to the roll-out of professional, high-end workstations – a market segment that has become all the more relevant as COVID-19 continues to shape a new way of living and working. Dell Technologies [...]

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Securing remote offices

South African enterprises look to assure security, continuity in remote offices. Having scrambled to deploy their remote workforces last year, South African enterprises are now focusing on connectivity, continuity and security for their remote workers this year. This is according to specialists at Axiz, the sole distributor of Citrix solutions, which are transforming work by [...]

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Axiz says ICASA, CSIR approval brings new access solution for SA’s rural areas

Connecting rural communities to provide access to solutions and opportunities. Unconnected rural areas will now have a viable means to connect to broadband services, following the approval and certification of a unique new TV white space wireless technology solution from Axiz. After lengthy approvals processes, Axiz has announced the official CSIR and Independent Communications Authority [...]

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Building a bright future for print with Axiz, HP

Adapting to the changing landscape without compromising on quality or service delivery. The death of the printer has long been predicted, but instead of fading away into the technology history books, print devices continue to fill a critical space in both the business and personal space. This continued strength is the result of continual evolution, [...]

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Value the invaluable: cultivating a culture of security

Data needs to be prioritised and protected. Data has replaced oil as the world's most valuable resource and the profound integration of computers and information technologies is the strength of modern life, but it is also its vulnerability. The increased interconnectivity of society exposes information to the risk of falling into the wrong hands. [...]

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