• Adapt: As products and services continue to digitize, application experience will increasingly define the competitive business landscape, so you need to power any app, at any location, at any scale predictably and securely. HyperFlex gives you an application-centric platform to power apps and data anywhere with industry-leading performance consistency and a toolset that Supporting both traditional and cloud native app architectures, HyperFlex better enables DevOps teams and accelerates app modernization. With a combination of the HyperFlex Application Platform and Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS), Cisco is enabling IT and DevOps team to deliver faster upstream K8s clusters anywhere. We curate the components and automate lifecycle management with IKS to save your time, improve resiliency and security, and take the frustration out of delivering containers as a service.


  • Connect: Optimize operations by connecting siloes of teams and technology through the power of data and analytics. Cisco helps connect the dots across the full stack, from applications down to the infrastructure, and all the way from IT to the application owners. Last year, Cisco announced Intersight Workload Optimizer and AppDynamics integrations to bring infra and app teams together, and enable an engine of full-stack visibility, correlating the user experience to any infrastructure and workload. Cisco’s approach of visibility, insight and action means automation powered by machine intelligence to achieve agility and scale, automating manual tasks and delivering real-time recommendations. Cisco stitches together data from myriad sources to create a single source of truth so your teams can work better together and stay ahead of problems.


  • Innovate: Ensure that you have an adaptable infrastructure foundation for their hybrid cloud operations so they can deliver the right resources, for the right workload, in the right location, at scale. This starts with integrating with existing data center infrastructure to simplify operations and accelerate IT agility and continues with the ability to scale resources on demand, and seamlessly extend on-prem resources to the edge using a consistent platform and toolset.


Cisco HyperFlex gives you the right tools to modernize the present and simplify the future. No wonder it has been recognized as a leader in both the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave for multiple years, and most recently was named HCI product of the year in 2020 by CRN.