Sometimes, small things and big things go well together. Axil the Axiz ant was launched at the beginning of the year and is proof of just that. Like a branch bud developing from an axil, portraying that big things start off small.

Cisco launched into the small business market in a big way and, as part of its mission to help small businesses grow in becoming big businesses, Axiz has launched a dedicated Cisco Small Business portal, which provides partners with a curated portfolio of products designed to empower partners and address technology needs of their customers.

In addition, the microsite provides partners with the tools and information to raise their Cisco partner status as well as attain their Cisco certification.

“At Axiz, our mission is to build an ecosystem where several different technologies transcend to solve our partners’ and their customers’ business challenges,” says Adeshni Rohit, Cisco Business Unit Manager at Axiz. Axiz covers a full range of Cisco solutions called “Cisco Designed”, dedicated sales coverage as well as complementing services. We provide technology that can grow with businesses such as networking, security, collaboration and compute, as well as cloud-based solutions like Cisco Meraki.

Axiz’s path to growth requires attracting and recruiting new partners and growing with them as they grow. “We want to take our partners on a multi-tiered partner journey that assures joint value creation to help grow and transform businesses,” comments Nadine Fouché, Cisco Brand Manager at Axiz.

“As our partners go through the Axiz Cisco Partner Journey, we’ll help them consolidate their market position and achieve short-term and long-term goals. We work with our partners where they are at in the ecosystem and help them move forward on their Axiz Cisco journey,” she adds.

The microsite provides three key areas:

  • Cisco designed
  • Ecosystem partners
  • Partner statuses and specialisations

As part of the portal, partners have access to a simple-to-use small business product configurator that allows them to map the needs of their customers to specific Cisco solutions, making it easy to deliver a customised offer. They can also access any information around current Axiz and Cisco campaigns, events, incentives and promotions, including Cisco FastTrack.

“Getting our partners the greatest value out of their Cisco investments is important to us and to help them achieve this we’ve made it easy to explore how to improve their Cisco partner status and gain certifications around key technologies,” says Fouché. “These allow them to not only unlock better incentives, but also offer higher-value services to their customers.”

“At Axiz, we’re focused on providing intelligent platforms to our partners, helping them deliver the greatest value to their customers,” says Rohit. “This includes our Axiz digital platform as well as our range of value-added services, ranging from installation and maintenance to fully managed services provided through our Network and Security Operations Centre.

“We’re invested in the success of our partners and the Cisco portal is just another step in ensuring they achieve their goals.”