Axiz has partnered with Supermicro, a global leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking solutions and green computing technology to bring their ultra-dense storage solutions to the South African and African market.

This includes the new high-capacity 60-bay and 90-bay top-loading ultra-dense storage solutions, allowing the service provider to deliver cloud-scale capacities.

Keegan Rose, Product Manager at Axiz, comments that these deliver the capabilities required by enterprises looking to increase their data centre capacity to meet the demands of modern applications. “The Supermicro solution set allows companies to rapidly modernise their data centre infrastructure to leverage flexible architectures, tool-less design modularity and simple expansion capabilities,” he says. “By employing more efficient hardware designs companies can increase their capacity and benefit from lower operational costs.”

Driven by customer demands

“This is being driven by a fundamental change in the needs of the end customer, with a focus on digital transformation,” he explains. “Companies are having to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality. Customers looking for an ‘always-connected’ experience, something that can only be delivered through greater access to technology and ensuring that company data is leveraged to drive greater insight.”

These efficiencies are vital for managed and communications service providers looking to leverage technology advances to drive organisational efficiency. “With the rise in demand for cloud services there is a growing need for more storage in the data centre,” he says. “At its maximum configuration, these solutions can support 1.4 petabytes of storage, making it ideal for storage-intensive environments. These best-in-class high-capacity storage and expansion systems are optimised for cloud-scale storage implementations as well as high-performance computing storage applications.”

They are also designed to minimise the resources needed to install, manage and maintain them, with a modular, tool-less design, all key onboard systems – hot-swap server nodes, expanders, fan modules, power supplies, and drives – are fully optimised for easy serviceability by a single technician.

Meeting exploding data storage requirements

While the requirement for scalable storage solutions is nothing new, Rose points out that demand for access to storage on-demand is being driven by organisations across the spectrum. “It’s not just the large enterprises who require this. With customer expectations always increasing, smaller companies are looking to technology to allow them to effectively compete and looking to infrastructure as a service solutions to enable this.

“Our partners can access our professional services to ensure that their customers have access to the skills needed to design, implement and manage these complex IT environments. With applications relying on resources across on-premises and cloud environments, the broader Axiz ecosystem means that we can bring together the necessary skills to deliver the required solution,” he says.