The SASE – or Secure Access Service Edge – framework aims to converge the networking and security functions into a single integrated service for simplicity, scalability and the ability to control and protect, anywhere and everywhere. Properly executed, SASE should move access control closer to where it’s needed – the user and the cloud edge, reduce complexity and consolidate security functions in an efficient as-a-service model, and simplify deployment, management and policy enforcement across all environments. It should also support organisational agility and seamless, scalable, secure Internet and cloud access.

However, a SASE solution can only be effectively consolidated when it is provided by a single vendor, to simplify the delivery of consistent security and quality of experience, and support end-to-end observability. Compromising on consolidation will reduce the technical effectiveness of a SASE solution as well as diminish its overall impact.

Technically, a complete SASE solution is not available yet. However, Cisco – together with its Meraki acquisition – take the complexity out of developing an integrated, consolidated SASE solution. The Meraki platform simplifies every step of the SASE journey with open APIs for seamless integration across Cisco technologies and third-party systems. Cisco Meraki plays a pivotal role in the Cisco SASE solution. Meraki has already converged SD-WAN, networking, security and IOT onto one platform, enabling the most complete and best-in-class SASE solution available. Cisco SD-WAN powered by Meraki is the outright market leader in SD-WAN, trusted by over 20 000 organisations; agile on-premises or Cisco Umbrella cloud security is informed by the world-renowned security organisation; Cisco Talos and Meraki also have a clear roadmap to delivering as a service consistency anywhere through a global network of cloud security points of presence (POP).

As a Cisco distribution partner, Axiz has a dedicated Cisco team and partner ecosystem to bring a range of products and services to SMEs, mid-sized businesses and large enterprises.