Dear Valued Partners

We are on the eve of an unprecedented season in our lifetimes.

Last night, the South African cabinet ministers clarified the details of the lockdown and specifically the classification of the ICT section impacting Axiz’s ability and requirement to operate as an essential service. After extensive consultation and legal advice, the Axiz Midrand distribution centre will be closed for the lockdown period from 17h00 today, Thursday 26 March 2020.

We are aware that individual resellers will be responding to essential service end-customers, and specific projects could meet the requirement for continued operations. Axiz will have an operations crew on standby to come into the warehouse and perform the required duties. To do this, we need to comply with all the published requirements, which include:

  • Axiz CEO authorised permit letter to all staff required to leave their homes for work; this is complete.
  • Axiz still needs to be approved as an essential supplier; this is underway.
  • A partner or end-customer letter of the authority requesting Axiz’s assistance and their approval as an essential supplier, this will be required for each instance.

Regrettably, we expect significant disruptions to our hardware service levels but staff on all fronts will operate from home, and where possible, routine services will continue. Our software products can continue operating as usual, but hardware orders can only be captured and processed for release after the lockdown.

Please be safe; our actions in the next 21 days determine our collective future for many years to come. Thank you as always for the partnership.


Craig Brunsden

Chief Executive Officer