Adeshni Rohit, Business Unit Manager at Axiz, says with security becoming more complex, organisations are looking to their service providers for help and guidance. She adds that the number of cyber attacks continues to increase and, with the move to the cloud and the increased use of IOT devices and automation, Axiz needs to empower its partners with the knowledge to properly advise their clients.

“This will provide our partners with access to services and training from an organisation that has both local and international security expertise.”

World-class training

Founded in 2016, Remoteq has partnered with the CSIR on Cybersecurity and Student Exchange programmes, and Remoteq has also partnered with Korea University School of Information Security, through its Safrikor Group, in the creation of their cyber security curriculum. With a hands-on security lab, they are able to provide a unique training experience, including simulating threat landscape scenarios.

According to Remoteq CEO Willem Coetzee, the international accreditation from Korea University also opens up greater business opportunities both in South Africa and abroad.

Coetzee says: “We offer far more than just a product; through our integrated approach, we help our partners assist their customers in putting policies in place, ensuring that their employees, infrastructure and information are secured using industry best practice.

“In addition to our alliances with leading training organisations, we made the decision from the outset to secure strategic partnerships and obtain exclusive rights to international best-of-breed cyber security solutions,” he says. “These exclusive agreements enable us to optimise the quality of our offerings, and Axiz’s partners will benefit from this.”

Security awareness training

This creates the opportunity for solution providers to deliver security assessments as a service, especially to small and medium enterprises, in addition to bundling security awareness training and cyber threat analyst training.

With the SPiDER security information, event management system and Pentoma, an automatic Web penetration testing solution provided by Remoteq, they can offer a deeper level of security services, helping clients analyse their systems and implement stronger security frameworks.

For Rohit, Axiz has consistently built up its portfolio of security solutions, ensuring its partners are able to provide the full spectrum of security services to their clients. With Remoteq onboard, Axiz is making world-class training and products available, further strengthening its partners’ hands.