To continually improve the service they provide to their partners, Axiz’s strategy of transforming the way they interact with their customers, which started with Microsoft and Cisco offerings, now enables the convenient ordering of Dell hardware products through their online marketplace.

Terence Barter, Executive Head for Dell at Axiz, explains that this gives their partners the ability to interact with the company electronically at all levels: from creating users through to searching for products and checking stock levels, as well as ordering and tracking the delivery of orders, all through a single portal. The ability to confirm delivery times and receive electronic proof of delivery are also in development.

“We’re in the fortunate position to be the only distributors of the entire range of Dell products, from notebooks and accessories through to their large infrastructure solutions,” he says. “This forms an integral part of our overall product strategy, complementing our cloud and services offerings.”

Barter adds that the digital platform improves efficiencies at all levels, letting their partners quickly check stock and pricing, and place orders, streamlining their interactions with Axiz.

“We’re able to reach more partners and they now can transact with us 24/7,” says Barter. “Being able to respond quickly to requests from their customers is very important for them, and this platform allows them to do that. By putting the right information at their fingertips, they can improve their own customer experience.”

“Because the system allows our partners to set customer-specific pricing, their customers can place orders directly through the portal. We’re also investigating the option of allowing them to white label the platform, creating a unique experience for their clients,” he adds.

Axiz is committed to continuing the development of the platform, bringing more information, tracking tools, order processing and rich content to all users.