Mid to large-sized enterprises are increasingly looking to gain single-pane security, visibility and management in a hybrid cloud environment, making VMware NSX Cloud a perfect fit.

So says Lebohang Mhlongo, Business Development Manager at VMware distributor Axiz, who reports that VMware NSX Cloud is addressing a number of pain points organisations in South Africa and across the SADC region are experiencing now.

“The pandemic brought with it a number of changes that impacted management and security,” he says. “The move to cloud-accelerated, work from home and hybrid work became mainstream, and organisations felt more pressure to control costs. As they increasingly adopt hybrid cloud environments, many organisations have found that managing application performance and security in these environments has become a challenge. This is driving significant interest in VMware’s NSX Cloud, which delivers visibility, security and ease of use off a single, cost-effective platform.”

VMware NSX Cloud delivers hybrid cloud networking and security across private and public clouds. Together with the VMware NSX family, NSX Cloud enables a virtual cloud network, a software-defined approach to networking that extends across data centres, clouds, endpoints and things.

NSX Cloud enables common networking and security, across public clouds, significantly improving scalability, control and visibility – with lower opex. With precise control of security and networking services, organisations benefit from protection and standardisation of applications and end-to-end visibility of networking and security. NSX Cloud enables unified, centralised policy management for workloads running across hybrid environments: Policy is defined once and applied dynamically to workloads anywhere – across cloud virtual networks, regions, availability zones and multiple cloud providers.

Says Mhlongo: “Customers are reporting that it effectively plugs gaps in visibility and is easy to deploy and run. They also benefit from effective support from our partners across the region and from VMware itself. Another benefit is that customers can bolt on additional services as their needs change, and it is designed to run with Microsoft Azure and AWS, which is a priority for many of them.”