The number of wireless devices is increasing at an exponential rate. By 2050 it’s expected that the number of connected wireless devices will exceed 50 billion, with their intelligence increasing with every new generation.

As the number of devices increases and their capabilities grow, so too does the need for fast and stable connectivity. Today’s wireless devices are heavily reliant on connected applications such as social media, and video and music streaming, and this is only the beginning.

Nicole Naidoo, Business Development Manager for Advanced Technologies at Axiz, explains that to accommodate these increasing demands, ICCN has developed a number of features and services incorporated into its range of 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz wireless radios, high-capacity wireless aggregation technology, core and edge switches, and enterprise gateways.

Cloud management is the key

“ICCN’s key differentiator is their management platform, enabling advanced control of wireless access points, switches, and gateways,” she says. “The combination of the activeARC cloud-based management platform and integrated applications enables our partners to configure, install, manage and monitor multiple complex networks seamlessly, ensuring that users get the services they require.”

She adds these showcase the technological leadership of ICCN, but the true benefits come from enabling Axiz’s partners to drive value from the control it gives them over the network environment.

“Taking control of the network allows our partners to help their clients monetise their infrastructure and improve the overall customer experience. With networks that serve large numbers of users, proper management is critical. This includes managing both the network and all connected devices in an integrated fashion.”

With the ability to better manage networks, it’s possible to exploit a number of commercial opportunities, including upselling opportunities by leveraging analytics to gain a better understanding of customer behaviour.

ICCN’s activeARC platform is a robust device, content and access management service that works seamlessly with its Unified Access Device WiFi indoor and outdoor solutions. Because activeArc is cloud-based, it’s able to scale from small to large networks without limitations. This allows customers to create networks that offer seamless connectivity across large areas with no additional management requirements.

“With the hyper-intelligent ICCN devices managed via ActiveARC, we empower our partners to deploy robust and feature-rich networks globally,” she says. “With the ICCN offering, a network transforms into a scalable platform fully managed and easily monetised.”