Axiz has been changing and we are bringing our channel partners along with us. Our journey continues and we want to help you bring digital transformation’s advantages into your business.

This process is not easy or without risk, but with partners like Axiz, you gain a much bigger chance for success. Over the past several months, we published numerous articles that shine a light on the different ways channel businesses can prosper in a changing market and how Axiz has evolved to make these opportunities happen.

We rounded up five articles from the past 12 months that offer insights on how you can achieve digitisation with Axiz. How can you leverage the new Axiz Marketplace? What are the options for smaller channel providers? Is there still room for your procurement revenue in a software-first world?

Find the answers to these questions and more in the following articles:

The Axiz Marketplace: How it helps transform your channel business


The Axiz Marketplace is an excellent demonstration of how we are transforming Axiz without destroying all the good work we’ve accomplished in our 27-year history. The Axiz Marketplace brings a digital edge to our distribution arm and integrates with the rest of Axiz without hampering partner relationships and our human touch. This article explains the marketplace, how it works and why it’s a big help for channel companies looking to digitise in their context.

Punching above your weight in the channel


Digital transformation can be the great leveller. Smaller channel companies can use it to compete for bigger projects, collaborate with niche providers or play an instrumental role alongside larger integrators. In fact, SME channel companies have an advantage that larger competitors don’t. Whether you are a smaller company looking to punch above your weight or a larger provider wondering about partnerships with smaller channel companies, read this article to see how Axiz can help.

Skills and capital: How Axiz supports the rise of the channel SME


It’s easy to say that channel companies must transform digitally. But that is difficult to achieve, especially for smaller channel providers. Companies face various challenges, including capital access and business and skills development. At Axiz, we’re using our resources to meet these demands and help our customers step up to the market’s new realities and opportunities. It’s an intrinsic part of our business strategy – read this article to discover how we help the channel in material ways.

Take the customer on your digital transformation journey


Many channel companies have a deep desire to digitise. It would save them a lot of time and money and help them deliver more to their customers. Yet digital transformation is risky, especially when relying on stretched resources and delicate revenue streams. When you collaborate with your customers on their transformation ambitions, you can de-risk digitisation and create a guiding light for your business. Find out more in this article.

Combining services and procurement


Your channel business does well with procurement orders and there is no reason to stop that. Businesses will always need hardware. But the market focuses increasingly on software services – how can you compete against that? You add software value alongside your procurement and even combine the two worlds to increase upselling and long-term revenue. Part of Axiz’s evolution is to bring these areas together for our customers – find out more in this article.

We have published many more articles that use advice from our top people that inform channel companies on the market’s opportunities. Visit or contact us to find out more, and partner with Axiz to help secure your company’s future in the technology channel market.