Looking back before 2020, everyone knew where digital transformation was taking us. But we had no idea how quickly it would arrive. Because of COVID-19, the journey of migrating to cloud happened at a rapid rate, because unlike pre-2020, where this was not seen as critical and urgent, in the post-COVID-19 world, it’s a critical requirement to enable remote workers and allow them their full set of tools to be able to work anywhere, anytime.

As a result, businesses today are not restricted by the traditional network perimeter, and their employees have the flexibility to work remotely. While previous references to agility have not always seamlessly given the remote workers their full set of tools to perform their day-to-day activities regardless of location, what we’re seeing now is a completely new category, a new age that Forcepoint calls the unbound enterprise.

Enterprise networks are metamorphosing, according to Gift Mkhonza, Business Development Manager, Advanced Technologies at Axiz, and the focus is on SASE and zero trust security architectures.

“To enable our partners to adopt this approach, we’ve partnered with Forcepoint to enable security solutions that understand risk from users interacting with data.”

He explains that Forcepoint focuses on protecting employees within organisations and manages the risks to data, whether they come from accidental, malicious or compromised users. In today’s organisations, cyber security needs to protect the hybrid environment – both cloud and on-premises. “We believe most threats come from compromised users, and adopting a human-centric cyber security approach helps companies identify and respond to risks in real-time. By delivering real-time visibility and actionable guidance, organisations can innovate and grow while complying with even the most stringent data protection regulations.”

“With the move towards remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to change the way applications and data are protected has also changed, and cyber security solutions have to provide protection anywhere, on any device.”

The Forcepoint solution stack is aimed at protecting users, data and networks, identifying and mitigating risky behaviours through dynamic user protection, behaviour analytics and insider threat features, delivering risk-adaptive, unified data protection for hybrid cloud enterprises and fully protecting their networks.

Creating cyber security leaders

“Our partnership with Forcepoint helps our partners become leaders in the cyber security field, providing best-of-breed solutions to their customers, the same solutions used by some of the world’s largest companies,” says Mkhonza.

“We strive to be a catalyst in the transformation of the channel through continually improving our people, processes, systems, product and services,” he adds. Partnering with Forcepoint brings a unique, innovative perspective to cyber security, which allows the channel to take advantage of the ecosystems that Axiz has created, enabling them to transcend technology and create real digital value.

“Our partners are also able to draw on the expertise of our managed services teams. This allows them to provide the Forcepoint solutions without needing to invest in the skills required to deploy and manage the service.”

Having access to the Forcepoint solution and our professional services allow Axiz’s partners to assist their customers in adopting key cyber security best practices, including managing insider threats by giving context to human intent, protecting the Web, e-mail and cloud apps channels not only from malicious code, but from data extraction, improving security operations and embracing the latest innovations in cyber security.

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