Companies today need to ensure their IT investments don’t just meet their immediate needs, but also that they can be ready for whatever the future holds.

As a result, organisations are looking beyond the traditional ways of procuring technology and towards embracing IT as a service solutions, where they can tailor their IT infrastructure to the exact requirements of the business and have tighter control over expenditure.

This is not always as simple as it sounds, with many companies finding out the hard way that not managing their consumption-based services can result in unexpected costs.

Dino Psoulis, Solution Architect at Axiz, explains that taking advantage of HPE GreenLake avoids many of these issues.

“HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to apps and data everywhere – data centres, multi-cloud and edges – with one unified operating model.”

Powered by HPE GreenLake Central, a new intuitive self-service portal and operations console, companies can deploy services, gain cost and compliance insights, and simplify management across their entire hybrid estate. This means business units and developers can be freed from the traditional wait times for services as they can use the self-service portal to find and use the services they need.

“The need for this is being driven by user demands,” he says. “Because users can instantly access services in their personal lives, they expect the same to be true in business. This is driving a need for services that are available on-demand, can be used for as long as they are needed and budgeted for on a pay-as-you-go basis.”

The benefits that companies can see by switching to HPE GreenLake are significant. The improved management and consumption-based billing model can result in a 30% reduction in capex by reducing over-provisioning, cutting the time needed to deploy global IT projects by 65% and reducing the support load on IT by 40%.

HPE GreenLake Central can also provide insights into non-HPE solutions, allowing IT teams to manage a greater range of technologies, including security infrastructure, from a single console.

“Customers can also outsource the management of their infrastructure to a managed service provider such as Axiz Advanced Services, allowing them to benefit from the as-a-service nature of HPE GreenLake, but without having to invest in the skills required to monitor and manage the solution,” he comments. What sets the GreenLake consumption solution apart is that technically, usage, management and financial modelling is done around the customers’ unique requirements and objectives.

“There are additional benefits for local companies,” says Psoulis. “Because the costs are set in local currencies and fixed for the duration of the contract, they can avoid the impact of currency fluctuations, making budgeting much simpler.”

Reducing risk is essential for organisations in these uncertain times and HPE GreenLake helps them minimise this with assistance from HPE Financial Services.

“The future of IT infrastructure is moving towards an everything as a service model, with companies looking to retain control of critical infrastructure, combining the agility and economics of the public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT, and HPE GreenLake enables this. With an infrastructure that is ready for whatever the future holds, companies can focus on innovation and growth,” he concludes.