If your business is looking for an industry-leading security solution that covers all your cloud and on-premise platforms, then IBM Cloud Paks are the answer.

IBM Cloud Paks are comprehensive solutions designed to incorporate extensive IBM capabilities across the hybrid cloud at a lower overall cost – and leverage the power of IBM’s Watson AI to perform impressive tasks that neither human IT teams, nor IBM’s competitors, can rival.

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IBM Cloud Paks are built on Red Hat OpenShift, which also makes it easy to develop applications once and deploy them across any cloud platform.

They simplify the integration of various IBM and open-source solutions into each other, too, offering superior functionality and efficiency for your business.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security (IBM QRadar XDR Connect)

A standout example of this is IBM Cloud Pak for Security, which is specifically designed to help businesses uncover threats, make informed decisions about risks, and respond faster to malicious actors – all while leaving and securing business data where it is.

What makes this offering unique is that with a Cloud Pak, the solution comes pre-packaged, pre-integrated, and built cloud-native to run on any platform for hybrid multi-cloud environments.

It is therefore ideal for businesses who want to integrate a range of IBM security solutions – such as QRadar and Guardium – into each other and other third-party security services across various cloud platforms, in their own private cloud, or on-premise.

The key benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Security include:

  • Automate manual processes – Reduce investigation and response time by automating tasks.
  • Choose where to deploy – Pre-integration with Red Hat OpenShift allows deployment either on the cloud or on-premise.
  • Increase visibility – Search hybrid multicloud environments and pull insights into a unified console.
  • Enable flexible growth – Choose and add capabilities using modular security solutions.
  • Reduce vendor lock-in – Integrate with third-party products and add your own custom connections.

Begin your Cloud Pak journey

Axiz is a leading IBM partner and is equipped to help you understand the full value of IBM Cloud Pak for Security, as well as whether it is the best option for your business.

“Not every business will be a Cloud Pak business, but for those who are, it is an extremely exciting solution,” said Craig Botha, IBM Business Development Manager for Advanced Technologies at Axiz.

“Axiz works with the top experts in Cloud Pak to ensure the teams working on your Cloud Pak project are the best available.”

Axiz also has access to IBM’s top experts in South Africa, and can therefore organize for your business to experience an in-depth demo of what the solution can offer.

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