The hyperconnected digital world links all of us together, but as the world moves forward, everyone must have access to affordable connectivity. With the South African economy under pressure as a result of COVID-19, providing access for poorer communities has become a critical challenge and one which traditional telecoms operators haven’t been able to meet.

The high cost of data makes it difficult for people in poorer areas to access employment opportunities, information, government services and education. With more and more services going digital, this is only going to become a greater challenge in the future.

To address this issue, Axiz has secured distribution of the ICC Networking range of WiFi, TVWS, enterprise Core and edge monitored switches and gateways all managed through their hyper-intelligent cloud-based controlling and management platform. This enables full managed mesh WiFi-based services and long-range carrier-grade non-line of sight backbone that provides connectivity to rural and peri-urban communities.

Nicole Naidoo, Business Development Manager at Axiz, says the ICCN range of products and services is proving to be vital in providing managed stable broadband services in the areas most desperate for it. “It’s critical for communities to leverage the power of connectivity to power economic growth. There are many examples of how enabling people to connect digitally allows them to explore business opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

This isn’t only restricted to business opportunities, but extends across the full spectrum of digital services, including access to government services and enhanced educational opportunities.

Enabling inclusive growth

“The benefit of the ICCN mesh WiFi offering is that it allows for large areas to be covered in an extremely cost-effective manner, reducing the investment in the network and the cost of management,” she says. “This, in turn, translates directly into lower costs for the consumer.

“With more and more smart city initiatives being launched, it’s critical that these communities don’t get left behind.”

She adds that the imminent launch of services based on TV white spaces technologies will boost the ability to service these communities, leveraging the greater range that it offers to reach even more people. “This will enable all Internet service providers and ICT solution integrators to expand their services, ensuring that the entire country walks the digital journey together,” Naidoo concludes.