Local demand for AI-enabled security information and event management (SIEM) is mounting amid increasing cyber risk and a growing workload putting pressure on security teams.

This is according to Camish Dookie, pre-sales engineer at Axiz, who says this is in line with global trends. “The CybeRes 2021 State of Security Operations report finds that the biggest challenge for security operations teams is monitoring security across a growing attack surface, driving a change in how they plan to mature their security operations centres (SOCs) and equip them to handle advanced adversaries to assure business resilience. Fifty-nine percent of respondents say improving detection of advanced threats is the top use case for AI, machine learning and automation.

“Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM and log management offers a compelling set of capabilities to meet these needs, helping organisations accelerate threat detection and response with unsupervised machine learning algorithms to find new and unknown threats.”

ArcSight accelerates threat detection and response with holistic security analytics, native security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) and intelligent automation, delivering layered analytics with real-time correlation, hypothesis- and analytics-based threat hunting for contextually rich insights.

ArcSight’s AI, approach and architecture are different, notably because ArcSight Intelligence natively uses unsupervised machine learning at enormous scale to discover new patterns and subsequently find new threats and potential risks, Dookie says.

“Where ArcSight really stands out is in its ability to enable operational efficiency and SecOps compliance, reduce exposure time and how it empowers analysts to focus on threats that matter in an environment where high-level security skills are in short supply,” says Dookie. “As official distributors of ArcSight, we are seeing growing demand for ArcSight, supported by our professional services, quick-start programme and bundled training.”