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Axiz, in collaboration with our vendor, McAfee have helped various customers add another layer of defence. In the past the security team at Axiz have helped customers who didn’t have complete security solutions. Customers had various vulnerabilities ranging from malware threats to ransomware attacks. Which caused lots of headaches as day-to-day operations were affected.

Many variations of ransomware exist. Often the ransomware (and other malware) is distributed using email spam campaigns, or through targeted attacks. McAfee® products leverage a number of technologies that help prevent ransomware.

McAfee Active Response finds and responds to advanced threats. When used in association with threat feeds such as McAfee GTI, Dell SecureWorks, or ThreatConnect, new threats—including ransomware— can be searched for and eliminated before they have a chance to spread.

With updated Web Control browser toolbars to improve user experience. Integration of Web Control with Threat Prevention using Global Threat Intelligence™ ensures users safe, reputable, web browsing, and secure browser file downloads. Web Control notifies users of threats while they search or browse websites.

Enable McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention to prevent Crypto Locker payload.

  • Network Security Platform has signatures in its default policies to detect the following:
  • Integration with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense for new variants of attacks


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