Network quality of service is more important now than ever before, making advanced network monitoring a necessity for business continuity and customer satisfaction.

This is according to Keegan Rose, Product Manager at Axiz, who says as the volume and velocity of raw network and application data continues to increase, network operations teams often struggle to correlate raw performance metrics with actual network problems.

“With so much information coming from so many places, it’s easy to get overwhelmed,” he says. “In addition, networks are changing and SD-WAN, 5G and edge computing affect how the network looks and behaves and how quickly it reacts. With the move to hybrid work and global collaboration, users now span cities, countries and continents. But when customers and employees demand 24/7 access to critical applications, service outages can delay time-to-market, jeopardise customer loyalty and erode your competitive advantage.”

Next-generation networks and modern business models require cutting-edge and proactive performance monitoring, Rose says.

“When your business depends on peak performance, you cannot afford to wait until your monitoring tools detect a problem. You need to get proactive. This is where active monitoring (also known as synthetic monitoring) proves its worth.”

Rose says Hawkeye Active Network Monitoring allows organisations to take control of user experience with real-time QOS monitoring, proactively detecting, diagnosing and fixing performance problems. It validates deployments by simulating live network traffic, monitors distributed networks from core to edge and troubleshoots outages faster with hop-by-hop visualisations.

“Unlike purely web-based active/synthetic monitoring tools, Hawkeye enables you to monitor the entirety of your network from a single tool,” Rose says.

With a suite of physical, virtual and cloud-based endpoints, Hawkeye helps track performance from the data centre to the network edge.

Rose notes: “Hawkeye uses machine learning to help network operations teams make sense of their increasingly complex networks. Hawkeye cuts through the clutter and immediately notifies you of potential problems.”

Hawkeye is unique in the market, Rose says. “As an active monitoring platform, Hawkeye is an ideal tool to continuously manage performance and connectivity across your network. Hawkeye makes it simple for you to monitor remote sites, data centres, cloud services and more. Whether you’re measuring remote user experience over voice applications, branch office users on WiFi or general connectivity to your SaaS applications, it’s easy to monitor, manage and maintain peak performance. With Hawkeye, you can monitor voice, video and unified communications tools with turnkey integrations, cut through clutter with clear pass/fail metrics, see all your performance data in a single interface and set custom alarm thresholds based on individual quality standards.”