New Rocket solution addresses terminal emulator pain points

The new Rocket Terminal Emulator, brought to South Africa by Axiz, is set to address the terminal emulator pain points experienced by local enterprises as they strive to become future ready.

Rezelde Botha, Rocket Business Unit manager at Axiz, says terminal emulators, ensuring that macros and scripts are available in exactly the way users need them, can come with pain points such as unexpected fees, limited configurability and cumbersome interfaces.

“Organisations want to enhance productivity and simplify mainframe use with mobile and Web access, but for many, the thought of migrating to a better solution may seem like too much of a challenge at what is already a difficult time for IT administrators,” says Botha.

“Rocket Software, a trusted terminal emulation partner to global companies who need access to mission-critical host systems, has launched Rocket Terminal Emulator to address terminal emulation needs more efficiently, at a lower cost, for every organisation that relies on IBM Z mainframes, IBM I, or other VT-based systems that need a terminal emulator for host access,” she says. “Rocket Terminal Emulation solutions provide a cost-effective alternative to ageing emulators. Highly configurable with native security to ensure that your critical business data remains protected, this is a cost-effective alternative that delivers exceptional value.”

Rocket Terminal Emulator (formerly Rocket BlueZone) provides a fast, reliable, and cost-efficient way to access terminal-based applications like IBM i (TN5250), IBM Z (TN3270), and UNIX/DEC (VT) from desktops, Web, or mobile devices. Rocket Terminal Emulator can deliver faster emulation with advanced functionality at a fraction of the cost of incumbent emulation technologies.

The new Rocket Terminal Emulator is a powerful, solid and feature-rich emulator for easy, best-of-breed host access – anywhere, any time, and from any device, as well as proven, automated tools to simplify the migration process. It offers flexible licensing and enables enterprises to cut annual terminal emulation and maintenance costs by up to 50%.

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