Axiz, a distributor of the world’s leading enterprise technologies, has launched the next generation of storage: the data-centric, intelligent and adaptable Dell Technologies’ PowerStore.

It is available throughout South Africa and 11 Southern African Development Countries (SADC), bringing businesses a data-centric, intelligent and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilises both traditional and modern workloads.

Powerstore enables Axiz to offer the complete end-to-end portfolio from Dell, from client through to enterprise.

“The groundbreaking new PowerStore family eliminates traditional trade-offs in performance, scalability and storage efficiency,” says Robert Batey from Axiz, “and tidies our portfolio very nicely, after elements of confusion were caused when Dell and EMC merged and pooled their storage products.”

Aimed at the mid-range storage market, PowerStore sits in the DellEMC primary storage portfolio between entry-level Power Vault and Unity XT, and the high-end PowerMax offering, so providing flexibility, scalability, simplicity and performance with market-leading economics for a wide range of legacy and next generation apps.

It combines top selling configurations and flexibility to enable customised solutions with hardware, software and service upgrades, all at a competitive price with easy ordering.

More than 90% of the Fortune Global 100 companies already use Dell EMC entry/midrange storage, as do the world’s ten largest energy companies and 10 largest banks.

“Its benefits are numerous,” says Robert.

Its data-centric design is performance-optimised, with unified architecture for any workload.

Intelligent automation allows a programmable infrastructure that simplifies management, DevOps and more.

Speed and workload mobility enabled by its adaptable architecture offers choice, predictability and investment protection.

Because it was built from the ground up with next-generation storage technology, it makes business more agile and prepared for change.

Its NVMe all-flash or Storage Class Memory (SCM) with Intel Optane optimises performance, and intelligent scale-up and scale-out architecture lets users add compute or capacity independently.

“Always on” data reduction with Intel Quick Assist lowers costs and improves efficiency without compromising performance.

The revolutionary AppsON, unique to Dell Technologies, provides the only purpose-built array with a built-in VMWare ESXi Hypervisor, and integrates at:

  • ESXI (VAAI and VASA);
  • vVols;
  • vRO/vRA; and
  • VMWare Cloud Foundation.

Its New Anytime upgrade program helps modernise PowerStore over time, without forklift upgrades.

“Besides all this,” says Robert, “Powerstore offers seamless migration from previous DellEMC products – XTREMIO, Unity, SC Series (compellent), VNX Series and PS Series (Equallogic) – so customers can migrate without disrupting their business.”

In addition, “Apps on” is a unique offering from Dell Technologies, providing the only purpose-built array with a built-in VMWare ESXi Hypervisor.

Also setting Dell Technologies apart in the market is a ‘Future-proof program’ is another that offers:

  • guarantee outcomes, which go beyond customer expectations with guarantees that world class technology capabilities will deliver as promised;
  • features ensuring customers can easily buy, exchange and upgrade IT solutions to seamlessly modernise technologies; and
  • technologies and features designed to operate flexibly on premises or in the cloud, so safeguarding IT futures.

The CCO of Medical Informatics Corp, Heather Hitchcock, added: “PowerStore’s AppsON capability allows us to take advantage of both compute and enterprise class storage in one system, simplifying our infrastructure while reducing our overall storage footprint.”

Axiz is a certified Dell Distributor, servicing the South African and SADC markets.

The company has access to the complete Dell portfolio, covering both the client and enterprise portfolios, and employs a trained presales team to assist partners with specifications, sizing and pricing solutions, and to provide product training.

Axiz also offers a Dell-certified services company to assist partners with support for Dell products in regions outside South Africa that lack the support.

Contact Axiz at [email protected].