Leading distributor Axiz has announced it is expanding the reach of vendor Nutanix’s solutions to its customers across Africa. With Nutanix, resellers and their customers can leverage proven technology solutions to better manage and facilitate multi-cloud management and delivery, database simplicity, cloud operations and software-defined offerings by way of modern hyper-convergence offerings.

The announcement aligns closely to a host of technology refreshes and new product launches made by its vendor partner that bear specific relevance to customers in Africa looking for infrastructure alternatives to ageing legacy environments, that, following the pandemic, have lost their relevance.

The first of these is the expansion of its popular hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offerings. The latest innovations support up to 50% faster performance, native virtual networking to simplify multi-cloud deployments, end-to-end security monitoring to support a zero-trust strategy and expanded automation and budgeting capabilities for cloud resources.

Neil Jackson, Business Unit Manager at Axiz, says the modern approach Nutanix is taking to cloud management is of enormous value to its reseller partners and customers, with demand set to spike across the continent: “The wonderful thing about Nutanix is that because of its vendor neutrality and focus on interoperability, it works with almost everything that Axiz distributes, which makes it a perfect addition to our existing portfolio. Nutanix works hand in hand with a variety of vendors such as Oracle, Supermicro and the list goes on, highlighting the powerhouse that Nutanix is,” he says.

In addition to its HCI advancements, the company has also launched a Kubernetes as a service platform, Karbon Nutanix Clusters, a cloud platform offering the flexibility, simplicity and cost efficiency needed to manage applications and infrastructure, as well as the release of Era 2.0, the first cloud-agnostic multi-database management solution extending across clouds and clusters to simplify operations, with increased scale and reduced costs for IT and database teams.

According to Jackson, the length and breadth of announcements provide its customers in Africa a concrete technology roadmap to scale into the world of multi-cloud. This includes being able to strip away the complexity this usually entails and leverage a host of solutions that not only offer you the infrastructure needed to move to the cloud – but that simplifies the management of databases, security and hybrid, on-premises public and multi-cloud environments.

“The cloud is a top priority for our customers across Africa, but many now face the challenge of running multiple solutions in their hybrid and multi-cloud cloud environments, with different monitoring tools needed for each instance. What Nutanix offers immediate benefit to customers is a reduced cost of operation, the simplification of manual tasks, and the automation and integration needed as it moves from a pure hyper-converged player to a hybrid cloud to multi-cloud one.”

Major enterprises in Nigeria, Namibia, Zambia and Kenya are looking for solutions to support geographically dispersed branches and virtual desktop environments. Now with support from Axiz partners and by leveraging Nutanix, they will benefit from a simpler, more cost-effective cloud-centric solution from a proven vendor, no matter where they are in their cloud journey. Further, with a footprint across Africa, Axiz is currently upskilling partners on the full Nutanix stack, ensuring its extensive partner network can deliver support to customers across the continent beyond just traditional Nutanix HCI.

“Africa is the perfect candidate for the solutions Nutanix brings, as it answers the need for simplicity, cost-efficacy and centralised management of technology in a region where we are still facing skills shortages, budgetary and supply chain constraints. At Axiz, we want to help our customers across the continent to realise the true value of technology as a business enabler,” ends Jackson.