The last thing a remote worker wants to worry about is a poor network connection of how to configure a VPN, yet network issues remain a challenge for today’s remote workforce.

Network troubleshooting also accounts for a significant headache for IT managers, on top of their usual task of keeping the lights on. In a typical networking team, troubleshooting can account for 43% of their time, with WiFi a significant contributor to this. However, because any disruption to remote and hybrid workforces’ Internet access could have serious impacts on collaboration and business continuity, connectivity remains a key priority for the emerging hybrid work model.

Cisco has been addressing the hurdles of remote work for years, and Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud controlled WiFi, routing and security, simplifying the complexity of networking.

Cisco Meraki can be plugged in straight out-of-the-box, to deliver an employee the same experience as though they were at the office, and without having to compromise on visibility or the ability to troubleshoot issues.

Meraki cloud management gives IT managers full visibility of employee networks, with a feature-rich dashboard for management. Meraki supports the creation of a site-to-site VPN with just a few clicks, the provisioning of remote network access via WiFi over an encrypted tunnel, the securing of end-user devices when they are off-network, and simple remote troubleshooting of employee connectivity and applications. Meraki Health provides Meraki dashboard users with analytics and machine learning insights for WLAN and beyond, with visibility into LAN, SD-WAN, clients, WAN and applications.

Cisco Meraki solutions can cut 50% to 70% off the time network operations teams spend troubleshooting, deploying and managing networks, and Cisco Meraki support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To learn more about how Cisco Meraki can support your remote workforce, watch Cisco Meraki’s on-demand webinar.

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