South African enterprises are grappling with management and cost control as their IT infrastructures grow increasingly complex and costly.

This is according to Camish Dookie, pre-sales engineer for Micro Focus at Axiz, who says the pandemic fast-tracked the move to hybrid cloud and made IT estates increasingly difficult to manage.

“Many medium to large enterprises are still using in-house mainframes but have also accelerated their cloud adoption, often using more than one cloud service provider. Now they are finding that it has become more difficult to provision services and govern costs in these hybrid estates,” he says. Dookie says cloud spend can easily spiral out of control, with some organisations reporting overspend in the order of between two and five times what they budgeted for.

“This is where hybrid cloud management comes in. There is growing demand both locally and globally for solutions that are easy to use and allow organisations to manage the entire environment off a single pane of glass,” he says. HCMX governs complex IT estates spanning public and private clouds, as well as virtual and bare-metal servers. As a ‘fit-in’ solution, it does not require retooling of the existing software portfolio.

Dookie says the Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management X tool (HCMX) is being well received in South Africa, thanks to its advanced features, ease of use and rich financial budget management and reporting tools. “With Micro Focus HCMX, organisations can speed up provisioning, simplify management and easily control costs with the help of cloud cost monitoring, optimisation analytics and extensive audit and reporting tools.

A financial module maps subscription chargebacks to cost centres and allows financial managers to easily track and compare the spending to allocated business budgets. HCMX also offers flexible automation, helping to enable the delivery of services on the fly, saving time. We are seeing growing interest and adoption and more new customers coming up across sectors such as hospitality, aviation, energy and banking.”

With a scalable, container-based architecture, Micro Focus HCMX enables over 150 third-party vendor software integrations and services can be deployed on all major deployment targets, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

HCMX provides easy-to-use, catalogue-based service consumption with comprehensive fulfilment orchestration and strong governance and cost control. It also provides end-users with a modern and user-friendly self-service portal for on-demand consumption of cloud and on-premises resources and enables faster, unified service delivery.

Says Dookie: “For many local enterprises, HCMX addresses key priorities such as reducing complexity and costs, enabling faster provisioning and application delivery, and achieving a solid ROI.”

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