South African financial institutions, as well as a growing number of large enterprises, are increasingly depending on Rocket Terminal Emulator for its stability, robust feature set and industry-standard security.

Gerald Meyer, Business Development Manager at Axiz, notes that with their deep experience in mainframe technologies, Rocket and their Rocket Terminal Emulator enable a “mainframe from everywhere” experience, which has become increasingly important for hybrid and remote workforces.

“For system admins and power users working with the IBM mainframe environment and virtual terminal-based systems, the fact that Rocket continues to grow side by side with IBM and their enhanced systems for enterprises delivers peace of mind,” says Meyer.

“There is other terminal emulation software available, but nothing stands out like Rocket Terminal Emulator in terms of features and stability,” he continues. “It provides a fast, cost-efficient way to access terminal-based applications from desktops, web or mobile devices. With exceptional configurability, this enterprise-class tool will delight users with ongoing innovation from Rocket.”

Meyer states that some of the reasons for strong local uptake include the fact that Axiz and Rocket make it simple for organisations to scale and manage maintenance. Organisations can also significantly cut their annual terminal emulation and maintenance costs, thanks to flexible licensing and maintenance options. Rocket Terminal Emulator includes robust, built-in security features, with support for TLS 1.3, MFA, SSO, compliance with standard cryptography protocols and more.

“Organisations are looking for smarter ways and for smooth conversions from their incumbent emulators. They are looking at modernising at the same time, looking for innovative ways of improving green screen legacy technologies,” he says. “With more than 25 years of experience in the terminal emulation field, Rocket Software has helped thousands of companies in numerous business verticals to move away from their existing emulator solutions.”

Meyer says some use cases for Rocket Terminal Emulator include the financial banking industry, citing a major local bank that now uses the software and enjoys seamless migration with Rocket Software automation tools. “The Rocket engineering team provided the banking engineers support during the process as well as ensured the bank services during operational hours went smoothly. The essential services for their clients had minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations as well as affording users to work on their internal systems, having the ability to access multiple applications from one interface, which is priceless,” he says.

In another example, a global retailer is using Rocket Terminal Emulator (Web Edition) to improve customer experiences by helping associates respond to customer questions, check availability of popular items, schedule home deliveries and raise tickets on issues as they occur. “Their goal for the project is to make the mainframe more accessible and easier to use for anyone – including those on the floor,” he says.

Meyer adds that Rocket Terminal Emulator can also benefit sectors such as investment, healthcare and supply chain enterprises from both remote and security perspectives.

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