With multiple technologies in use at any given time, IT teams are looking for ways to simplify and streamline the administration of their infrastructure.

To assist their partners in meeting their customers’ needs, Axiz has partnered with Cnergee to provide access to their suite of managed SD-WAN solutions.

“Cnergee provides companies with a streamlined, all-in-one, clutter-free solution that combines all the major functions of network administration, effective load balancing, bandwidth optimisation, and network security monitoring – all in a single-window, easy-to-deploy and simple-to-use solution,” says Neil Jackson, business unit manager for New Technologies at Axiz.

“This allows us to extend the range of solutions we can offer our partners, adding value to the ecosystems that enable their customers’ digital transformation journey.”

Today’s customers need a complete service to run their businesses without being constrained by the complexity of technology. They are looking for flexible contracts to minimise risk and allow them to adapt quickly to changing business needs. This requires robust, secure and adaptable services that can deliver cost-effectively and sustainably.

“The Cnergee solution suite offers a range of functionality including private cloud and software-defined wide-area networking,” says Johan Schutte, Director at Cnergee. “Partners can build and manage private cloud networks for their customers, while still providing full visibility into the service.”

Cnergee’s managed service model helps companies to focus on their core business objectives, with full oversight of the installation, management and troubleshooting of the network. The unified view of the infrastructure removes the challenges associated with managing different components, and UniGr8ways offers a single solution to address all aspects of the customer’s wide area network, offering a true managed SD-WAN solution.

“The Unigr8ways SD-WAN technology lets our partners offer their products and services over multiple networks, reducing network complexity and optimising the user experience to improve the user experience,” says Jackson.

In addition to the core platform, Cnergee offers various third-party services on the core network platform. These include Uniforcelink, an asset management service, and the UniSpacelink property lease management service. Partners can leverage these services to increase the value they provide to their customers.

Additional components allow partners to activate modules to build solutions specific to key industry verticals and customer requirements. These include retail, call centres, distribution, asset management, utility management, security and surveillance as well as voice services.

With Axiz and Cnergee behind them, partners can truly extend the value they provide to their customers, ensuring that their infrastructure works for them.