South African enterprises seeking to secure containers for faster application roll-outs need no longer be slowed down by security challenges, thanks to the arrival of SUSE NeuVector in the local market.

Launched in May this year through Axiz, SUSE NeuVector overcomes the challenges of container security and visibility in a single platform, says Camish Dookie, pre-sales engineer at Axiz.

For the first time in the local market, this platform will address the significant problem of container security. “SUSE NeuVector does it brilliantly, it simplifies and automates Kubernetes, providing zero trust security and network visibility,” Dookie says.

Dookie says cloud computing and the shift to container infrastructures are yielding significant advantages for today’s enterprises, accelerating development and enabling businesses themselves to move more quickly in their markets. “Local enterprises are moving to containerisation, as they see this as the path to modernisation. They’re mostly using it to scale out applications and deploy them faster,” he says.

“However, while containers offer agility, they are not easy to secure effectively. Defending a traditional network requires a layered approach to security that includes technologies like vulnerability scanning, firewalls, gateways, DLP, etc. But those tools don’t fit in defending Kubernetes because the network connections are obscured and can’t be proactively acted on as a result.”

Dookie says SUSE NeuVector brings the kind of security platform that enterprises have known for years on the traditional infrastructure side and applies many of those much-needed capabilities to containers protecting at the process, file access and network layers. SUSE NeuVector empowers global organisations to comprehensively secure their K8s native applications without compromising business velocity. It simplifies and automates security while providing defence in depth for Kubernetes native applications from pipeline to production… delivering unmatched network visibility and protection, streamlined automation and compliance for security, DevOps and infrastructure teams.

The SUSE NeuVector unified security and compliance platform makes it possible for customers to simplify and automate security, with software that learns to identify what the infrastructure needs in order to protect it and then automatically creates and defines policies that immediately take a protective stance against threat. It provides zero trust security for Kubernetes native applications from the development pipeline all the way through production, and proactively protects at the process, file access and network layers.

Dookie says: “It also makes it as easy as possible for developers to protect applications: SUSE NeuVector will produce a yaml file of code for developers that will replicate specific predefined security policies. This gives security teams the confidence they need in running containers safely and makes applying security policies an automated non-disruptive task for DevOps teams.”

With SUSE NeuVector, enterprises can do more than scan and patch to keep the environment secure: they can prevent damage from occurring in the first place with intelligent policies built on software that learns and proactively protects against threats. SUSE NeuVector includes many of the features enterprise customers will recognise from traditional security suites, including firewall, data loss prevention (DLP), web application firewall (WAF), deep packet inspection (DPI) and alert logs… all tailored for the container environment. Use SUSE NeuVector no matter what operating system or Kubernetes orchestrator they’re already using (such as AKS, GKS, EKS, OpenShift and Tanzu).

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