With organisations across the spectrum accelerating their digital transformation plans, there is increased pressure on solution providers to accelerate development, delivering additional functionality in ever-shorter timeframes. These companies also need to find new revenue opportunities and turn once-off engagements into solutions they can offer as unique standalone products and services.

To meet these demands, they need to explore ways in which they can meet market expectations, integrating key technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning, without compromising on critical areas such as security.

Avanti Naidu, Business Development Manager at Axiz, explains that leveraging the capabilities of embedded solutions will enable solution providers to dramatically extend the scope of their offerings while increasing the services they provide to their clients.

“The organisation of the future is built on data and being able to deliver advanced data analytics capabilities is a cornerstone of almost any solution today. Leveraging the power of IBM’s Watson platform and using this as a foundation on which to create solutions that are specific to a client or a particular industry provides a significant advantage.

“Security is another area where the IBM solution set can give a key advantage to companies,” she says. “With the global reach of IBM, they’re able to react to rapidly evolving cyber threats faster than any other organisation. Embedding their technology allows solution providers to deliver the highest level of security without having to invest in this scarce and expensive resource themselves, allowing them to focus on their area of specialisation.”

Working with the strongest foundations

She adds that this applies to partners who are building software solutions, even if they are not IBM-specific solutions, as well as those that may be offering services around the IBM solution set already. “Using the embedded software model allows partners to take the services they offer and build an ‘as-a-service’ model that any interested organisation can tap into.

The scale that Axiz provides allows partners to access a wide range of products and services, with a single point of contact. With access to their team of certified professionals, partners can take advantage of these skills to speed their integration efforts without having to invest in resources that may not be core to the value they offer to the client.

“We’re committed to supporting our partners throughout their journey,” says Naidu. “Starting from when they sign up, we help them build their solutions with IBM, and once they are ready to go to market, we assist them by making their services available through the wider Axiz partner network, allowing them to reach a much wider client base.”

The benefits of this model are wide-ranging, with the IBM solution set offering some of the most advanced technologies, enabling partners to move from single customer engagements to a fully fledged service provider. With the power of the cloud, they’re also no longer bound by geographical barriers, allowing them to reach potential customers anywhere on the planet.