South African enterprises are looking to build terminal emulation into their mission-critical legacy environments. This development makes the security challenges of these enterprises a lead concern. Gerald Meyer, Business Development Manager at Axiz, says Rocket Terminal Emulator’s robust security features are eliminating those concerns within South Africa’s financial, health and vehicle rental enterprises.

“Many critical business processes still depend on the mainframe,” says Meyer, “with a large amount of work being done on mainframe and midrange computing platforms, systems of record, backend systems and green screen systems. Some of these have been running forever, and organisations are asking, ‘How do we change or modernise these systems without impacting productivity?’ At the same time, through organic growth or acquisitions, many have a disparity of operating systems and hardware.”

Overlaying the challenges that Meyer names is the key issue of assuring governance and security. Rocket Terminal Emulator solves for this issue.

Meyer continues: “The mainframe has been deemed a non-hackable system. But these systems aren’t impenetrable. Many experts now advise tiered security, particularly in internet connected and open systems and where password breaches and man-in-the-middle attacks are becoming more frequent.

“Local organisations are now very concerned about securing communications across computer networks, including the internet, WANs and LANs. Data is of paramount importance, so anyone running a mainframe must protect it from end to end with more secure connectivity methods. We recently onboarded a major enterprise whose key concern was whether the transport layer security (TLS) cryptographic protocol – the successor to secure sockets layer (SSL) – was available with Rocket Terminal Emulator. It is. Rocket is a cost-effective, robust and highly configurable terminal emulator, but on top of this, Rocket’s native security features are what sold them on the solution.”

Rocket Terminal Emulator 10.1.0 with Rocket Terminal Emulator (Desktop Edition) and Rocket Terminal Emulator (Web Edition), has optional SSL/TLS encryption and authentication for FTP, Telnet and other persistent TCP/IP protocols. It offers the ability to transfer files using industry standard FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols, multi-factor authentication (MFA) support through Okta, and support for single sign-on SAML 2.0 Redirect. There are also enhanced in-product tutorials and documentation, support for local and network printing, and new localisation support key mapping languages: Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian.

“With flexible licensing and an audit free licence process, Rocket Terminal Emulator is easy to migrate to, and supports the new ways of working, reliably and securely,” Meyer says.

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