Axiz has partnered with Peplink to distribute a range of multi-WAN VPN bonding (SD-WAN) routers and access points.

With organisations dependent on reliable connectivity, this means capacity, reliability and cost are key factors that need to be considered. Individual locations are often connected via multiple links, using different technologies, and managing these remains a challenge.

Neil Jackson, Business Unit Manager for New Technologies at Axiz, explains that Peplink’s management capabilities allow network administrators to visualise, manage and keep track of complex WAN deployments via a single Web console. Providing visibility into the network link’s health through a user portal gives users a view of the health of the network in real-time, with full access to historical trends.

Wynand Britz, joint CEO at NETLOGiX, the regional agent for Peplink, adds that while there are many benefits to software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN), not all companies may realise this. “Some are making do with their current WAN set-up and others don’t have a WAN at all. By using Peplink products and solutions, companies can leverage combining multiple WAN links, including their existing MPLS, direct Internet access, broadband and LTE into a virtual single connection, and through load balancing, aggregation and WAN optimisation, increase their network availability without having to change the way they are connected.”

Staying connected

“Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology has been around for more than 10 years,” comments Jackson. “They were delivering SD-WAN functionality before this was an industry standard. Today, they are leaders in this area, specifically the integration of mobile technologies. By combining multiple technologies into a single unit, they drive down costs while allowing customers to connect their sites through the most effective route.”

“Depending on their needs and requirements, companies can supplement their existing MPLS connections with a direct internet connection or replace it with a multiple Internet link option. Most MPLS networks are single-threaded and vulnerable to downtime,” says Britz. “Peplink’s SD-WAN can allow for redundant failover WAN connections working in real-time, so if one link fails the connection doesn’t go down and users are not impacted.”

We live in an application performance-based world. If a customer is fighting the network to get anything done, it’s a perfect time for partners to talk to them about Peplink. Not only can they improve the overall user experience, but being able to accommodate multiple connectivity options means they can connect new locations quickly and cost-effectively.

“As part of our wide range of networking offerings, Peplink’s solutions can be integrated into larger solutions including hybrid on-premises and cloud data centre environments. Whatever the environment is, if connectivity is critical, then Peplink delivers,” Jackson concludes.