Hyperconverged infrastructure and multicloud vendor Nutanix is extending its Cloud Bundles offering until the end of 2021.

The extension gives SMEs the opportunity to leverage a solution that enables them to rapidly and cost-effectively scale-out their infrastructure or scale into the cloud to meet varying performance needs in a highly secure environment.

“Nutanix Cloud Bundles are a quick and affordable means to scale your infrastructure while preparing your business for the cloud – without the need for costly resources to help you implement it,” explains Nomathemba Thabethe, Business Development Manager at Axiz. “Its simple one-click management and automation strip away operational complexity and burdensome manual tasks while increasing operational efficiency by as much as 61%.”

Additionally, it is affordable with an easy-to-manage pre-configured hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution in a box. HCI is a software-defined IT infrastructure that virtualises all the elements of conventional ‘hardware defined’ systems.

Tailor-made cloud solutions

There are three sizes capable of fitting any SMEs cloud experience: Basic for simple HCI needs; Standard for creating a small private cloud in-house; and Advanced enables SMEs to secure their private cloud.

All are designed to suit an SME’s needs and budget, bringing an easy-to-use and maintain cloud infrastructure well within an SME’s reach. Depending on the option chosen, SMEs will be able to deliver apps, data and services from their cloud; simplify and optimise infrastructure operations with just a few clicks assisted by AI; have self-healing capabilities for resilience; and 24/7 performance, reliability and security.

These bundles are perfect for SMEs that are due for a virtualisation/hypervisor renewal or that need to grow their business online or as part of their digitalisation transformation.

This new Nutanix set of offerings gives Axiz partners a much-needed solution for smaller enterprise customers looking to have the same IT options and capabilities as their larger competitors. “SMEs need to have access to more sophisticated IT infrastructures and functionality,” states Thabethe.

“We have adapted the original cloud bundles to suit our partners, giving customers the freedom to choose the right hardware and virtualisation technology, reduce total cost of ownership and prevent expensive vendor lock-in.”

Axiz offers numerous services for vendors to work hand in hand with Nutanix, including but not limited to Dell EMC, Supermicro and Lenovo. These services include Era (database management), Clusters (to manage public/private cloud, one of Nutanix’s newest solutions), Karbon (Container/Kubernetes management), Beam (cloud cost), Leap (disaster recovery as a service), Frame (desktop as a service), Calm (application automation), Flow (Network microsegmentation and services), Files (file storage), Objects (object storage), and Mine (backup Nutanix/3-tier infrastructure – essentially secondary storage).

Nutanix will also support any flash quantity on the nodes covered by the bundle licences. There are term licences for software and software support for either three or five years plus new 38- and 62-month.