Advanced Tech

Currently, housing over 35 of the world’s leading software and hardware vendors, Axiz Enterprise focuses on future-facing technologies, which require a more sophisticated sales and engineering capability.

This is an incubation hub for partners, and often your clients, to join on state-of-the-art vendor technologies in a viable ecosystem.

Complex business challenges require a perspective on both the most suitable product offering, as well as the scope, design, and solution needed to solve the business problem. Axiz Enterprise combines all these elements with experienced business unit managers, world-class solutions architects, and business development managers to drive the partnerships and build world-class solutions.

Axiz Enterprise provides superior technical proficiency throughout the distribution sales funnel. Having made commercial investments in vendor technologies, Axiz Enterprise is a technological proving ground for partners to get a first-hand experience of how vendor technology can solve very specific and complex business challenges.

The Axiz Enterprise portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of enterprise-level companies and telecommunications service provider technologies. It spans from hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) networking and storage to analytics, databases, security frameworks and virtualization technologies.

Advanced Technologies Offerings: