Defend against cyberattacks without disrupting employee productivity or increasing IT's workload with HP Wolf Pro Security Service, an endpoint protection security solution with industry-certified experts.

Secure your most vulnerable attack vectors

In an uncertain world filled with cyber threats, HP Sure Click Enterprise 1 prevents known, unknown, and even undetectable malware attacks. From surfing the web to opening emails, every task is completely isolated inside a micro-virtual machine (VM).

Featuring a robust policy engine, it brings ease to setting policies and can be further customized to address unique security policies. Every Sure Click Enterprise endpoint is part of a continuously adaptive sensor network, used for malware analysis and instant sharing of threat indicators which are assessed and adressed instantly by security teams.


Render Malware harmless

As micro-VMs isolate and contain malicious activity, the malware is eliminated upon the simple act of closing of files.

Secure your most vulnerable attack vectors

Sure Click indicators of attack and indicators of compromise quarantine files and search for malware lurking on servers and non-Sure Click devices.

Safely access files from inbound sources

All Microsoft Office, PDF, and image files, downloaded from the web, received in email, or saved via portable USB drives are protected from infection.

Protect credentials from phishing

Users are prevented from entering passwords on known malicious websites and alerted of potentially risky behaviour on all low-reputation sites.

HP Sure Click Enterprise is compromised of Secure Browsing, Secure Files, Credential Protection, and Threat Intelligence & Reporting, providing organizations holistic, defense-grade security.

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