Satellite Internet Solutions

HTS has a number of solutions that we offer, based on your location and requirements.

Rural or Home User Solutions

Affordable home, farm, lodge and rural internet with unlimited data

Unlimited Packages
Available in South Africa - Coverage dependent
High Throughput KA band Satellite solution
4 service profiles 10 Meg, 20 meg, 30 meg and 50 meg download options
Unlimited access to data
Not a Capped bundle solution
FUP Applicable
Consumer focused
Non VOIP and VOIP options
24/7 Support available across all regions
24/7 Reliable service, available immediately
No terrestrial cabling required

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Business Solutions

Affordable, reliable internet for the Business, Lodge or Power User wanting uncapped bundles

Max Epic
Coverage in South Africa: 100%
Max download speed: 15 Mbps
Top-up data available
Supports VoIP
Up to 50 (Hardware dependent) concurrent devices
1 year Hardware warranty
No Telkom line required
Full 24/7 Helpdesk customer support
Built for your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Line of sight is probably the most important aspect of the satellite broadband installation, because this determines how good a signal can be received. Any blockages which cause a degraded signal impacts on the performance of the broadband connection. Failure to obtain clear line of sight during installation will result in a degraded signal, resulting in a poor, intermittent broadband service or no connection, and no service at all. This means that one will need to monitor the growth of vegetation and prevent the erection of obstacles that can block this line of sight. We will make sure that when we install the equipment that is placed in the clearest line of sight possible to optimize your connectivity.

The following list provides a guideline of the amount of data you will on average need for certain usage patterns.

1GB – 5 GB: Enough for 1 or 2 people doing basic web browsing and emails

5GB – 10GB: Good for a small family researching school projects, and social networking

10 GB to Uncapped: Ideal for the download of small music and files, video streaming and browsing.

VOIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol and makes use of a normal Internet connection for the transmission of voice calls, which means that your normal voice conversation is converted and transferred as data over the internet. Axiz offers a VoIP service allowing you to make telephone calls across the Internet.

It is important to note that you need data available on your Internet service in order for your phone to work.

You pay separate for your telephone line and all calls made – it is not included as part of your monthly data bundle payments.

Latency refers to delays experienced in data transmission due to the enormous distances the data packets travel, carrying your data from your premises to the satellite and back to where the link terminates on earth.

Fact: The satellite orbits the earth above the equator at a height of around 36 000 kilometers. This implies a round trip of 72 000 km’s before the data packets reach the earth station and only then can it be routed through the terrestrial part of the network.

Users experience this as a slight delay on VoIP conversations. This delay may, however, be impacted by how busy the Internet is. Please keep in mind that in general, the Internet is a best effort service.

Typical Latency expected on a Satellite based network is between 650 ms and 800 ms.

Some of our packages offer you a free night time zone between the hours of 00H00 and 05H00 daily. Any internet data used during this time is not deducted from your allocated and paid for bundle. It is suggested that you make use of a scheduler that allows you to plan your “bulk downloads” for these periods.

The majority of internet via Satellite bundles have a larger download speed than the upload speed, this is due to the fact that we expect you to retrieve more information from the internet than what you will be putting on the internet. All Speed profiles are up to speeds- meaning the services are shared. The speeds advertised are the maximum achievable headline speed, your actual achieved speed will be dependent on overall network congestion and availability.

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