UFT – Unified Functional Testing


Accelerate test automation with one intelligent functional testing tool for Web, Mobile, API and enterprise apps.

Intelligent test automation with embedded AI-based capabilities that accelerates testing across desktop, web, mobile, mainframe, composite and packaged enterprise-grade apps.

Accelerate end-to-end testing

Accelerate end-to-end testing of omnichannel apps with a single intelligent tool. With a comprehensive technology stack that supports 200+ apps and environments (including web, SAP, mainframes, Salesforce, PDF, Java, Citrix, business applications, and more), centralize functional testing efforts across enterprise architectures, and streamline manual and automated testing.


AI -powered intelligent test automation

Simplify and improve test creation, execution, and maintenance through AI-powered intelligent automation. AI-based machine learning and advanced OCR provide for advanced object recognition, and when combined with AI-based mockup identification, AI-based recording, AI-based text matching, and image-based automation, teams can reduce test creation time and test maintenance efforts, and boost test coverage and resiliency of testing assets.

Increase test coverage from the UI to the API

From embedded frameworks to headless browsers, simplify multi-layer testing with a visual test-driven design that displays UI and API tests in an intuitive graphical canvas and easily manage API testing at the headless layer without extensive coding.





Integrated DevOps Toolchain

Eliminate bottlenecks and gain efficiencies across the lifecycle. Featuring a DevOps enabled toolchain for Continuous Testing with CI/CD integrations for Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Bamboo, plus others, and Version Control integration with Git, Subversion, TortoiseSVN and others.

Efficiency at scale

Test more per cycle in less time and achieve test execution at full velocity. Burst tests across distributed functional testing infrastructures and run tests at scale with full parallel, cross-browser, and cross-device mobile testing.

Control, communicate & collaborate

Facilitate continuous quality across multiple teams and locations. Break down silos, ensure a steady flow of information between teams, and share insights across teams to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts. Enable a collaborative approach to test automation by supporting a wide range of roles, including test automation engineers, developers, and business analysts.

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