Special Offer – Balance One Series

Advanced Dual-WAN Router with an impressive range of features
The Balance One router with dual-WAN load balancing delivers big-business uptime and speed in an affordable package designed for small businesses and power users.

Advanced Dual-WAN Router for Branch Networking

Enterprise Features

Connect remote clients to your private network using L2TP with IPsec, monitor Bandwidth Usage, allocate bandwidth on application, and more.

There’s a Perfect Balance for Every Situation

Peplink‘s line of products includes features that make your enterprise deployment easier and increase your network reliability and security in several ways. Boost network data rates, reliability, and flexibility while slashing connectivity costs with Peplink SD-WAN technology designed for multi-WAN link load balancing. Use Load Balancing and SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding to deliver superfast VoIP, video streaming, and data using an SD-WAN

Balance Ones Features

Built to Last
Capable of years of uptime, the Balance series easily handles monthly bandwidth that would crush lesser equipment. Every Peplink design is rigorously tested to exceed your expectations for speed, reliability, durability, and ease-of-use. We invest heavily in quality assurance and user experience testing to give you affordable, enterprise-class gear that just works, from the moment you take it out of the box.
Built in AP Controller
Built in AP Controller puts you in charge of all connected access points, create and manage custom captive portals. It allows you to manage your wireless network from your router and easily build a custom captive portal for your business.

Web Admin Demo

Experience powerful features of Balance Series web admin online demo.
Note: This is for demonstration purposes only and may differ from our latest UI. Functionality also varies amongst models.
Administrator Username and Password: admin / admin
Read-only Username and Password: user / user


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