Everyone in the channel seems to be turning into cloud companies. Since the cloud is not a new product but a better methodology to deploy, manage and develop digital resources, this trend makes complete sense. We continually replace our cars and appliances as superior versions become available. Technology is no different and the cloud is the next evolution of digital technology.

But the cloud represents many different things, leading to misinterpretations. For example, when Axiz speaks of going to the cloud, you might think it means we’re modernising our distribution business to be cloud-enabled. You might have alternatively heard of Axiz’s investment as an Azure hyperscale partner and our emergence as a cloud service provider (CSP).

Both are accurate characterisations yet do not represent the entire picture. What Axiz has created is much more than the sum of those parts. We’ve created a vehicle to help others in the channel also transform, find their place in the evolving market and serve the expectations of modern end-user organisations.

Digital transformation is about business transformation. Several years ago, Axiz’s leadership reached a crucial conclusion: Yes, we can modernise procurement channels and add cloud services. But how does that help our customers? There’s no point in simplifying access to services and products if they cannot effectively leverage those advantages. They need to grow and change as businesses – how do we support that? How can Axiz support customers who are at different stages of transformation?

Some companies are very good at it and only need dynamic access to services and products. Others don’t even know where to start. How can Axiz be something for everyone? The answer is to build a platform.

Much of the past six years have been spent establishing a platform capable of meeting different market needs through one portal. Perhaps you only need laptops – buying those are easy via the platform. But you also need security services with those laptops, and you want to maintain the security through your managed services. You can get both through one platform. Maybe your customer also requests disaster recovery and data management. You can add such services and, if they aren’t your focus, you can find a partner on the platform who can support those projects.

All that with just one price and one point of contact. You’re not reselling Axiz services. You are providing your own services and products through the convenience of the Axiz cloud platform and with the clout and backing of Axiz, including financial and business development support. Whatever you require – infrastructure as a service, software as a service, specific solutions and products – can all be done from one central place.

By design, the Axiz platform connects our internal transformation with that of our customers, whatever pace, services and revenues they are pursuing. Some customers only need access, linking the platform’s offerings with their established business objectives. Others use the platform – and Axiz’s greater involvement as a business development partner – to expand how they operate.

We assist in that process from a development perspective, as a pillar of the distribution market, and by accelerating our focus on the cloud. The Axiz platform brings all that together and in ways you might not expect. For example, using APIs and our advanced pricing services, Axiz can enrol third-party vendors and services even if we don’t use or sell them ourselves.

I’m saying a lot about what Axiz is doing because this is our proprietary platform. It represents years of investment and a carefully realised digital transformation strategy. Part of that strategy, and fundamental to our vision, is that Axiz can help the channel transform. The platform enables us to support our channel customers and help them gain from our learned lessons and invested effort.

Is the Axiz cloud platform a procurement platform? Is it a services marketplace? Is it a CSP? Is it a place to find new partners and bring your own vendor relationships into play? Is it the path to help your channel company transform and thus help your customers also transform? The answer is invariably yes, and it’s only the start of how we enable the channel.