By Traci Maynard, Executive at Axiz

A Micro Focus white paper from Micro Focus refers to UFT One as: “QA and testing teams can efficiently scale tests across distributed infrastructures and in parallel on web and mobile; script once and replay all tests with cross-browser support; and leverage a broad ecosystem of integrations from version control to continuous integration to agile management.”

Why is that important? Organisations of different sizes can have a combination of different vendor technologies across their business, with each technology providing a certain piece of digital transformation, in most cases. The downside with managing different vendors is keeping up to date with firmware updates and ensuring that your organisation’s security posture is firmly in place.

UFT One is part of the industry-leading UFT family of integrated functional testing solutions that enable customers to test earlier and faster by combining a breadth of technology support with AI-driven capabilities – to deliver the speed and resiliency required to achieve automation at scale that is tightly integrated with an organisation’s current DevOps toolchain.

One of the key benefits and features of this product set from Micro Focus is the acceleration of end-to-end testing with a single tool that can integrate with multiple technologies, environments and applications. That has to make sense for organisations running multiple applications wanting a faster time to market.

Axiz is proud to be associated with Micro Focus and for all businesses and partners, choosing Axiz as your Enterprise Distributor across South Africa is a wise choice.

Three main reasons include:

  1. Axiz can help its partners become Micro Focus sales and technically certified with dedicated resources to guide them.
  2. Axiz can provide Micro Focus technical expertise via its qualified pre-sales team.
  3. Axiz can help its smaller and mid-market partners with technology services. Here, Axiz has made the investment in technology skills on behalf of its partners so they can free up precious cash to drive their business forward.

Axiz is a Micro Focus (including Cyberes) distributor across South Africa and, as such, it is channel friendly, working through its channel of partners/resellers. Axiz’s role in the supply chain is to provide expertise and guide its partners through an offering of services, from both Axiz and Micro Focus. The business’s offering of technology services ( is available for all of its partners to consume. Axiz has built up a strong implementation capability taking advantage of its pool of certified experts and our strong vendor relationships. The Axiz team of certified experts are ready and on standby to help with your technology challenges.

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