Axiz Technology Services has been accepted into the Veeam Accredited Services Partner (VASP) Program, highlighting the strength of its Veeam offerings. The VASP accreditation is issued only to those organisations with the highest Veeam solution expertise level and provides clients with the peace of mind that they are working with partners with the requisite technical expertise to enable them to achieve their business objectives.

Kamal Ravjee, Senior Business Development Manager at Axiz, comments that this recognition validates the investment that Axiz has made into its Technology Services division.

“This is great news for our partners. We’re continuing to enhance our partner ecosystem, strengthening their capability to sell, deploy and support Veeam solutions. As product implementations become more sophisticated, there is an increasing demand for partners who can deliver high-quality professional services and technical implementations. These services enable our partners to differentiate their service offerings and help them transform into more competitive businesses.”

According to the 2019 Veeam Cloud Data Management Report, 71% of the senior business and IT business decision-makers surveyed agreed that technology will be the most important factor of their digital transformation.

He adds that data management plays a critical role in meeting digital transformation objectives.

“There’s a critical need for skilled personnel to implement and manage the systems that drive the modern organisation. Companies, both large and small, are looking to their partners to deliver these skills and the VASP accreditation enables our partners to meet this need,” he says.

Delivering value to large and small companies

“The value these services provide isn’t restricted to an industry or market segment. Each customer has a different requirement and the services we’re launching can be customised to meet their unique needs. This means that our partners, irrespective of the market segment they target, can benefit from these offerings and use them to expand the value they deliver to their customers.

The VASP accreditation will see Axiz adding three new Veeam-specific services to its portfolio: Data Availability Assessment Services, Architecture and Design Services and Veeam Backup, Replication and Installation Services.

Data Availability Assessment Services, powered by Veeam, evaluates the virtual environment and highlights areas where clients can maximise efficiencies, mitigate risks and improve the overall health of their virtual environment. The assessment is powered by the monitoring and alerting tools of Veeam One, ensuring that organisations can discover any issues before they have an impact on operations.

Architecture and Design Services works from the client’s existing data protection strategy, providing a full assessment, followed by a comprehensive architectural design to deliver against these strategic imperatives. By evaluating the current infrastructure, reviewing the business requirement and growth potential, organisations can identify areas to maximise efficiencies, mitigate risks and help plan for the configuration and deployment of the Veeam solution.

Veeam Backup, Replication and Installation services optimise the preparation for the deployment of Veeam solutions. Before installation, it’s essential to ensure that the virtual environment and the machines that are being used as the backup infrastructure components meet the product hardware recommendations and system requirements.

The VASP accreditation is a manifestation of the strong relationship between Axiz and Veeam and a clear indication of the trust that Veeam has in Axiz to deliver the highest level of service.

“As companies look to find ways to minimise downtime, they need innovative solutions to enhance data availability and business continuity. The VASP program positions our partners as specialists who are able to deliver the highest level of technical expertise in the always-on world,” he concludes.