The pandemic and move to remote work over the past two years has driven acceptance of virtual meetings, paving the way for organisations to do more business with international companies without incurring travel expenses.

This is according to Erick Simango, Business Unit Manager at Axiz, who says there has been massive worldwide adoption of video collaboration tools as organisations switch from in-person to virtual meetings.

“At the start of the pandemic, organisations embraced video collaboration mainly to support remote work and productivity. They quickly became accustomed to it and now as people start filtering back into offices, we see there is broader acceptance of video collaboration as a key tool for sales meetings, education and to manage offices across vast regions. Organisations have seen the time and cost savings of not having to travel, so video collaboration is now an important way to extend reach at a low cost.”

Simango says the importance of video collaboration tools is reflected in Logitech’s recent Q3 Fiscal Year 2022 Financial Results, which show that quarter over quarter, video collaboration sales increased by 24%, with conference room cameras and systems leading the category performance, growing double digits year on year.

“The way we work and interact with customers has changed: organisations now see that with video conferencing they can interact with more customers and stakeholders, and get more revenue streams, quickly and cost-effectively,” he says.

Logitech, with a history of bringing top quality, affordable video conferencing solutions to market, has over the past two years focused on addressing business needs in the new way of work, Simango says.

“Logitech offers the best value for price, with a comprehensive range of solutions for every size of VC room,” he says.

As a worldwide leader in video conferencing hardware solutions, Logitech’s VC portfolio is extensive, with software and accessories to complement the devices. Simango highlights some of the key tools in the portfolio: “The Rally Family and additional products such Scribe, Tap are top solutions for organisations wanting to implement a modern VC room,” he says.

Rally Bar is Logitech’s premier, all-in-one video bar for mid-size meeting rooms, offering brilliant optics, powerful audio and remarkable simplicity. Rally Plus for large and extra-large rooms features an ultra-HD PTZ camera, modular audio, and AI-driven performance. Rally Bar Mini is Logitech’s most advanced all-in-one video bar for small rooms or spaces.

“Scribe is one of the most powerful new VC tools,” he says. “With an AI-powered whiteboard camera, it broadcasts whatever is written on a whiteboard into video meetings with outstanding clarity. This is working very well for universities and colleges for their virtual classes.”

Logitech Swytch solves the compatibility objection to service-attached room solutions like Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms. With Swytch, the room’s AV equipment can be used with any video meeting, webinar, or streaming application: just launch the software on a laptop and connect with Swytch. With its universal USB Type A + C connector neatly docked on the table, Swytch eliminates the multiple cables, adapter rings, and reset procedures that confuse users and generate trouble tickets. Logitech Tap or Tap IP meeting room touch controller delivers a simple one touch-to-join meeting experience.

“Tap works hand in hand with the Rally and creates the whole experience of not needing to carry a laptop into meetings,” he says.

“We are so excited to be partnering again with Axiz, as Logitech’s aim is to ensure our clients feel connected to one another through our world-class products,” concludes Regan Alexander, Senior Channel Account Manager, Video Collaboration South and Southern Africa

As an authorised Logitech distributor, Axiz has ample stock to meet growing local demand. Axiz also has product demo rooms installed at its offices in Midrand, and can make demo units available for trial.

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